Ebates Excitement

If you aren’t using Ebates yet, now might be the time to start. When you join, you get $5 free! Ebates works like this:

  1. Use the link above to sign up for an account.
  2. When you are ready to do online shopping, visit Ebates to find the store where you would like to shop. They have hundreds of online stores. They also provide online coupon codes, which is a bonus. In order to earn Ebates, you must go through the Ebates site to get to the other site.
  3. When you complete a purchase at an Ebates affiliated site, you should get an email from Ebates within a day notifying you that you’ve earned cash back.
  4. Four times a year you will receive your Ebates check. You can have it mailed to your house, deposited in your paypal account, or donate your check to a charity.

Here is an example where I bought a whole bunch of art supplies to donate to a local children’s home, and made money on the art supplies thanks to Ebates!

I joined Ebates in October and so far this year I’ve made about $45.00.


One Response

  1. Ebates is the only way I shop online–also check out Extrabux. Sometimes their percentages are higher.

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