20 Reasons to join Rue la la

Rue la la is a type of “deal of the day” site like Woot, except there is more than one item for sale. In fact, there are many items for sale in “boutiques” that are open for 2 days each. Every day at 11am, Rue la la opens 3 or 4 boutiques (and the boutiques that are two days old close).

Rue la la gives a $20 credit when you create a new account. I thought a free $20 was 20 good reasons to join. They continue to give credits when you refer people to their site, so make an account using the Rue lala link on the right side of this page and we both win! πŸ™‚ Think of it as the potential for a really cheap Christmas present for someone.

I waited for probably 3 weeks, checking the boutiques most days. Some items are WAY out of my price range, and other items are under the $20. I decided to make my purchase one day when I saw these Robeez shoes:

These shoes are the only Christmas present Evelyn will be getting from us. They cost me 3.95 after the $20 credit and I think they are ADORABLE.


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  1. Robeez are the best!!!! πŸ™‚

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