Frugal (Beautiful) Wrapping in 1-2-3!

I have a thing for beautifully wrapped gifts. My desire to make presents beautiful could be one very expensive habit, but I’ve found ways to make this obsession very inexpensive. Here’s how I worked my magic this year:

1) Offray Ribbon Outlet
For you local readers, the Offray Ribbon Outlet is located at 857 Willow Circle in Hagerstown. I go to the ribbon outlet once or twice a year and spend about $15 for two or more bags of ribbon. The outlet has a bunch of 10/$1 boxes as well as larger spools of ribbons in all sizes, shapes, colors, and patterns. They also have tissue paper, gift card holders, etc. at a serious discount.

This last visit, I trimmed a small square off of every roll of wrapping paper (Christmas and otherwise) I had so that I could buy ribbon that matched. I also stick to buying whatever is CHEAP! If you sign up for their email list, you will get coupons (usually 15% off your entire order) to use in the store.

2) After Christmas Sales
I never buy wrapping paper before Christmas. I always buy wrapping paper after Christmas and store it for the next year. Even though I bought wrapping paper after Christmas last year, I decided to use all of the “leftover” wrapping paper from previous years. This year I won’t have to buy wrapping paper at all – I will use the rolls I still haven’t used for this year. Also – I tend to avoid wrapping paper that’s really “Christmasy” (I just made that word up). Usually I buy plain Christmas colors or subtle silver, gold, or creme patterns. That way I can use it throughout the year.

3) Using Free Business Cards as Gift Tags
This year I took advantage of a special offer at Kodak Gallery in October. They were offering 50 customizable “mommy cards” for free. I read a comment on one of the blogs that I frequent where someone suggested using these as gift tags. I thought that idea was brilliant! So, I uploaded this picture (from the brilliant Hoffer Photography) on the front of the card:

The back of the card says:


With love,
Sam, Leslie, and Evelyn Gates

If you want to take advantage of a great deal like this, go grab some free business cards at Vistaprint. You can see the gift tags at work on my presents – I love how they look!



5 Responses

  1. Oh, full disclosure: the art degree I have that helps me understand how to mix colors and patterns when wrapping probably cost ~$50k. 🙂

  2. And for the people who forget to buy wrapping paper after Christmas…or just run out and need more :)….I have found some lovely paper at Ollie’s for pretty cheap!!

  3. Yes, Beth! I love buying wrapping paper at Ollie’s!

  4. A couple of years ago, I went to Joann Fabrics after the holidays and bought a few yards of their Christmas prints that were on sale along with matching ribbon. I’ve been reusing it every year since to wrap the kids gifts. It’s one of the most economical Christmas things I’ve ever done!

  5. […] Outlet Coupon Posted on January 3, 2011 by Leslie Gates A few weeks ago I wrote about Frugal Christmas wrapping and told you about the Berwick Offray Ribbon Outlet. Today I got the 15% off your purchase coupon […]

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