Smooth Legs!

I’ve been recently surprised to find out that several of my friends shave with men’s razors and soap.  Maybe it’s that my skin is terribly dry and I have a really hard time with the cheap stuff.  My friends told me they didn’t want to spend good money for razors and cream.  Well…. I guess that’s where we’re the same — neither do I!  I find the stuff cheap enough that I don’t consider this to be a splurge.

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Here’s a deal scenario sample from CVS this week (based on online pricing):

Deal: Buy any $20 worth of Schick, Edge, Skintimate or Playtex products, get $10 Extra Care Bucks (ECB).


(2) Schick Quattro for Women Disposable Razors at $8.49 each (16.98)  (A friend balked at the idea of disposable razors and commented that they didn’t work well.  There’s something to be said for buying the “good ones” on sale — I LOVE THIS KIND, maybe even better than my refillable one!)

(1) Skintimate Extra Gentle Moisturizing Cream Shave Soothing Petals at $3.99

Total:  $20.97

Use (2) – $2 off any Schick razor or disposable razor for women  (There are also some current $1 off Schick razor coupons)

Use (1) – $1 off any Skintimate cream or gel

Total Out of Pocket (OOP):  15.97

Get $10 ECB

Net Cost:  $5.97 for 6 disposable razors and (the best ever, in my opinion) shaving cream

I also get other coupons from CVS, so I plan on using a $3/15 coupon to sweeten this deal, bringing it to $2.97.  Some of you might get $5/30 coupons and could buy other things this week to bring your total to $30 and then get $5 off!  If you don’t have an email address with your CVS card, you can get an instant $4 off / $20 buy registering your email address with applicable Extra Care card here.  If you don’t have a CVS card and plan to get one, I’d suggest NOT putting your email address on the form and then adding it on the website so you can get the coupon.

Rite Aid also has these same razors at Buy One Get One Free (BOGOF) this week.  The deal doesn’t include any of their Up Rewards and it’s not the greatest. But since I had a few rewards to expire at the end of the week (of if you’d like a semi-decent deal and don’t have a CVS), I bought two packs there as well.  Even though they are BOGOF, you can still use 2 coupons, one for each package.  Check out Rite Aid’s coupon policy here.

Don’t be afraid to share coupons and deals with your friends.  I gave several of my shaving cream coupons to a friend who did the above mentioned CVS deal with all cream:

Buy (7) Edge Shaving Cream for Men or Skintimate Signature Scents at 2.99 each  (Mix and match as necessary)

Total:  $20.93

Use (7) $1 off Edge coupons or $1 or Skintimate  (Mix and match as necessary)

Total OOP:  13.93

ECB:  $10.00

Net total for 7 creams:  $3.93 (even without the extra CVS coupons!)  $0.56 each!

Now… split that cost among your coupon-sharing friend and you’ve got a really great deal!

Sometimes the deals that aren’t one-product specific are the best because you can mix and match according to your coupons, store availability and what will be closest to the goal price (in this case $20).  They do take more time to figure out, but YOU CAN DO IT!!


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