CVS Weekly Ads

Did you know you can look at CVS’s upcoming weekly ad on Thursday of the previous week?  You might ask, “Why not just wait until you get your ad in the paper on Sunday?”  Here are 2 good “saving” reasons:

1)  If you have Extra Care Bucks that expire the next week, you can determine if you were better off spending them this week or next.  For instance, I happened to look at next week’s ad  and didn’t like anything!.  If I had ECB to use, I’d use them on okay deals this week instead of no-good-to-me deals next week.

2)  If you’re like me and get a $5 off $30 purchase coupon (these come by email; I usually get these on Thursdays and they expire on Sundays), you can decide which is the better week to use this coupon.  Sometimes I even use two in the same week.  One on Sunday and then one Th, F, or Saturday of the same week if there’s a really good deal!

As always, though, be careful!  Spending $30 just to save $5 is not a deal if you don’t need something (or can’t get it for free!).  To look at CVS’s weekly ad, go here.  Remember you can always view the current ad, and next week’s ad will come out on Thursday.

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