What $15.19 bought me today at the Gettysburg Outlets

A few weeks ago Groupon was offering a $30 gift certificate to the Gettysburg Outlets for $15. I bought one and Sam bought one. However, I had Groupon credit from referring my mom, dad, and Sam to groupon, so I paid $0 for my $30 gift certificate and $15 for Sam’s. Today we left the baby with Nana and went for lunch and a quick trip to the outlets. Here is how we bought all of the things on our table for $15.19:

  • GAP Total 5.99
    Gray and black plaid hat on clearance: 5.99
    (We may have saved some by showing our AAA card but didn’t think about it until afterwards).
  • BASS Total 15.59
    Black fleece-lined winter hat 30% off at Bass: 9.60
    Teal and white striped polo at Bass: 5.99
  • BATH AND BODY WORKS Total 13.20
    5 hand soaps @ 1.99 each
    1 hand soap @ 2.50 each
    1 free Lavendar Vanilla aromatherapy bubble bath (Here’s the coupon I used to get a free item with $10 purchase).
  • THE CHILDREN’S PLACE Total 25.41
    5 socks for $5
    5 clearance items @ 1.99 each
    5 clearance items @2.99 each
    Here’s the 15% off entire purchase coupon I used

Cost: $60.19
We paid using our two $30 gift certificates from Groupon, for which we paid $15. So our total out of pocket was $15.19. Not bad!


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  1. Total retail price was $230.50.

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