Rite Aid Gift of Savings

Rite Aid offers a Holiday rewards program where you can earn gift certificates depending upon how much money you spend between now and December 25.  Read about the details here.

Earlier in the season I entered a receipt that “didn’t qualify” because I had used so many coupons and Up rewards, that I spent less than $1 in cash.  However, thanks to For the Mommas‘ post I went back and checked and I now have an actual amount.

Ironic that I checked this now, because I had just tossed a “$20” receipt into the trash since I only paid 0.64 OOP thinking that it wouldn’t count.  I pulled it out of the trash and dug around for some more receipts.  I know of at least one that went to the trash, but I already qualify for a $10 reward and I’ve only spent $3 OOP.  🙂

Follow the easy steps to enter your receipts from Rite Aid online and earn more savings!  Thanks, Rite Aid, for Sharing the Wealth!


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  1. […] my bill (with tax) was $24.35. I used by $20 gift of savings gift card and paid […]

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