How I spent $8.41 today

RITE AID Total = $4.35

  • 2 Boxes of Frosted Mini Wheats @ 2.50 each = $5
    + 2 UP rewards
    + 2 1.50/1 coupons I mentioned here.
    Total OOP = $0
  • 2 Rite Aid Brand Aloe Hand Sanitizer 8oz @ 2.99
    Rite Aid special BOGO Free
    2 $1 off aloe hand sanitizer from Rite Aid Flu Shot book I mentioned here.
    Total OOP = $0.99
  • 4 Sharpie 8+8 bonus packs @ 8.99 = 35.96
    4 Sharpie 8+8 bonus packs @ 4.49 (Rite Aid special BOGO 50% off) = 17.96
    + $32 UP rewards ($4 per pack)
    Total OOP = $21.98

So my bill (with tax) was $24.35. I used by $20 gift of savings gift card and paid $4.35.

HALLMARK Total = $2.08

  • 1 Green Butterfly Damask Butterfly Box @ 11.99
    Clearance 70% off = $3.60
  • 1 Blue Flower Tote @ 12.99
    Clearance 70% off = $3.90
  • 1 Multicolor Striped Tote @ 12.99
    Clearance 70% off = $3.90

My bill (with tax) was $12.08. I had a $10/$10 coupon (unfortunately, no longer available), so my total OOP was $2.08.

JC PENNEY Total = $1.98

  • 1 Carters Pajamas (notice no feet – Hallelujah! says the family with a tall kiddo) @ 16.00
    Clearance 50% off = 7.99
  • 1 Pair of Okee Dokee Infant Jeans @ 9.99
    Clearance 60% off = 3.99

My bill (with tax) was $11.98. I had a $10/$10 coupon from last week’s JC Penney circular that came in our newspaper. My total OOP was $1.98.

A few notes:

  • These are not deals if you don’t need the things or don’t have a use for them. In my case, the sharpies are Christmas presents for a group of teachers I’m working with right now. The bags and green box will either find a place here at home or will become very practical gift bags when I give people presents. I LOVE GIVING PRESENTS!
  • Watch for coupons in the circulars that are $10/$10 or $5/$5 and stick as close to the $5 or $10 to maximize your savings.
  • Buy things you need. In this case, I have a little girl who is outgrowing her pajamas faster than I thought possible. I fret less about buying her the next size when it costs us so little to do it. Also, I’m not opposed to shopping at Goodwill! 🙂
  • Have an idea what your total should be. The cashier at the Hallmark store tried to charge me $11 more than I thought my total should be. When I asked, she realized that she had rung up the items multiple times by mistake. In the case of Rite Aid, I astounded the woman at the checkout by the Sharpie deal. She told me that they never have any unadvertised +UP rewards. I told her they did, and these Sharpies were an example. All the cashiers came to look at what happened. I laughed.

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