More reasons to join Ebates

Did you know that Ebates has a long (LONG) list of coupons you can use when buying online? You can use these coupons in addition to the cash back offers you would normally get through visiting an online store through the Ebates website. To access the coupons, create an Ebates account and then choose the “coupons” tab at the top of the page.

Also, did you know Ebates has a “daily double?” The daily double offers double cash back to a specific site. Today’s dd is on

Here are some of my favorite sites to visit through Ebates:

  • eBay (3%-7% cash back)
  • (35% cash back)
  • Dick Blick Art Materials (8% cash back)
  • eBags (16% cash back)
  • Groupon (6% cash back)
  • (10% cash back)
  • iTunes (5% cash back)
  • (30% cash back)
  • Target (3% cash back)

My parents recently paid about 60% of the retail price of a new car battery due to a coupon and the 11% cash back from Advance Auto Parts website. Also worth checking out!


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