Never say never

I’ve learned that if I say “I will never…” that given enough time, I just might end up doing it.

On Tuesday morning I realized that it was trash day on the nicest street in our town. I thought about all of the newspapers sitting in neat piles bound with twine. I thought about all of the rich people in those big houses who probably don’t use coupons and all of the coupons sitting in those abandoned newspaper with no one to cut them out and tell them how valuable they really are. *sniff* I decided that despite potential curious onlookers, I was going to go on my first coupon-saving (read: yuppie dumpster diving) adventure.

I stopped at the first house, popped open the trunk, ran and grabbed the stack of newspapers from the curb*, threw them in my trunk, and headed to the next house. Three houses into it, my trunk was half-full and I decided I had saved my quota of coupons.

I came home and sorted through all of the papers. I pulled a number of coupon inserts out of the papers, and was very excited to have duplicates of a few choice coupons from last weeks’ Sunday paper. I also learned that the Washington Post has different coupons than our two local papers, especially in the Red Plum insert. Yippee!

For the record, Sam and I will now have the largest pile of recycled newspapers ever. My apologies to our trash man.

*Word to the wise: In most towns, once you place the trash on the curb it is no longer your property. If you decide to start doing my version of yuppie dumpster diving, please make sure you’re not breaking any laws trying to save yourself $0.55 on a can of diced tomatoes.


5 Responses

  1. Too Funny! I’m loving the blog!

  2. I scored a really cool window a few weeks ago that is going to make a cool frame to hang on my wall 🙂

    I just can’t seemed to get into grocery coupons though!

  3. Kelly, I might convert you!

  4. I’ve done this with the free local paper when it’s dollar doubler week at the grocery store. Most people here don’t even touch the (once-a-week) free paper, but those doublers are four free bucks! (usually means free or super-cheap toothpaste, tea, and hair care products for me with $1 off 1 coupons for products that are $2.50 or less)

  5. […] post about something she thought she’d never do.  If you don’t remember, read it here.  Well, I just got back inside from digging through my own trash.  Here’s the […]

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