Target Deals

I was delighted when I realized that on top of the Gerber Coupons and sale on baby food at Target, I also had a target coupon that they mailed to my house for $2 off of any $10 Gerber Baby food purchase. So, off I went.

9 Gerber 2nd foods @ $0.80/2 pk = $7.20
2 Gerber Brown Rice cereal @ $2.24/box = $4.48
+ BOGO Free Gerber Cereal (facebook coupon)
+ (3) $1 off of 3 Gerber 2nd foods
+ $2 off $10 baby food purchase target coupon
Total oop = $4.44

Also, I had two coupons tied to Rice Krispies that I have been trying to use all month:
$1 off any Peanut Butter wyb 2 12oz. or larger Rice Krispies (manufacturer), and
Free marshmallows wyb 2 12 oz. or larger Rice Krispies (Target coupon).
I was in luck! Target had 12 oz Rice Krispies and they were on sale!

2 Rice Krispies (12 oz.) @ $2.33 = $4.66
+ $1 off any 2 boxes of Kellogg’s Rice Krispies cereal
Total oop = $3.66 for 2 boxes
1 Peter Pan Creamy Peanut Butter @ $1.89
+ $0.50 off 1 Peter Pan PB
+ $1 off any PB wyb 2 Rice Krispies
Total oop = $0.39
1 Bag of Kraft 10 oz. Marshmallows @ $1.02
Free Marshmallow wyb 2 boxes of Rice Krispies
Total oop = $0

Total cost for 2 boxes of cereal, pb, and marshmallows = $4.05


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  1. baby food: for the cereals, I’d avoid Gerber. They add all sorts of extra stuff (like soybean oil) that babies do not need. Double-check the ingredient lists. On the rest, Gerber is fine on the one- or two-ingredient stuff but when you get to meals, they again add the weirdest things (like salt and onion powder) that babies just don’t need.

    Often it ends up being cheaper to make your own, too, but it is nice to have some pre-made in the cupboard anyway.

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