This is how I roll

I realize that there are many places in the world that don’t have the privilege of toilet paper. I have the privilege of toilet paper, but the privileged will always find something to complain about. For me, I don’t like buying toilet paper…you are literally flushing money down the drain! Here is how I got paid to buy toilet paper and shower supplies this week (and how you can do it, too).

Rite Aid Trip

BOGO Free Scott 4pk Toilet Tissue
Buy 2 packs @ $4.79 ea.
– $4.79 for BOGO free sale
– (1) $1 on 1 adperk coupon
– (2) $1 on 1 manufacturer coupons (use the back button and print it twice)
Total oop = $1.79

BOGO 50% off Ecotools Bath Supplies + $5 Up Rewards wyb 2

Buy 4 of the cheapest Ecotools you can find. I bought:
(1) Loofah bath sponge @ $1.99
(1) Bamboo bath mitt @ $2.99
(1) Facial buff pk of 2 @ $1.99
(1) Bath sponge @ $1.99
– $.99 for BOGO 50% sale
– $.99 for BOGO 50% sale
+ $10 in Up rewards for buying 4 Ecotools bath products
Total = $3.02 Moneymaker

Rite Aid Trip Total = $1.23 Moneymaker


One Response

  1. I’m pretty picky about toilet paper. I found that if I go through different brands at much, much different speeds. You have to use a lot more of the cheap stuff to get the job done. We did a few tests at our house to see how long one roll lasted of each brand. The really expensive stuff (Charmin Strong) lasted FOUR TIMES longer than a brand like Scott at our house. I’m not even exaggerating. There was an in-between that was twice as long as Scott and half as long as Charmin. So… now I factor that in. It doesn’t always help the, um, bottom line if you use it up four times faster.

    I think I’d skip the TP and just take the cash from the bath supplies on this one.

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