Stockpile (verb): to accumulate (material, goods, or the like) for future use

Because of last night’s “Extreme Couponing” show on TLC, there has been a lot of talk on couponing blogs about whether building up a stockpile is outrageous (If you’re interested in reading the stockpile discussion on other blogs, try here, here, here, or here).

We are currently amidst the season of organization and I thought I’d talk a bit about my stockpile and ideas about stockpiling. The basic gist of stockpiling is to buy multiples (like a 3, 6, or 12 month supply) of an item when it is at a rock-bottom price. When you build up a stockpile, your weekly or bi-weekly grocery trip involves buying two types of products: 1) perishable food items such as produce and dairy, 2) items that are at a rock-bottom price to add to your stockpile. You shop your stockpile for the rest of your groceries.

My stockpile is modest compared to some of the stockpiles that you saw on last night’s Extreme Couponing show. Perhaps my stockpile might fit into the “full pantry” category. Here is a look inside how stockpiling is at work in our house.

Stockpile location #1: Linen closet

Linen closet + a few shelves of stockpile

Top shelf – paper towels and tissues
Not stockpile – in-use cleaning supplies & suntan lotion, etc.
The 4th shelf holds detal, shaving, and shower supplies
Shelf 5: Medical supplies, hand soaps, bar soaps, etc.
Shelf 5 close up: deodorant, med supplies, lotions, many kinds of soaps.
Toilet paper shelf holds 15 rolls (if we have additional TP, we stockpile in the basement). On the floor are cleaning supplies, feminine hygiene products, and household maintenance items

Stockpile location #2: Attic stairs

Shelves installed on the side of the stairs to our attic (located in the hallway right next to the kitchen)

Top shelf - Cereal & baking

Shelf 2 - dry foods, coffee

3rd shelf canned goods and paper products

Shelf 4: beverages, Shelf 5: baby food

Bottom shelves: candy and cans of soda

Many of the extreme couponers seem to keep one large stockpile (in their garage, or in a big walk-in closet, etc.). In my house, we have a bunch of storage space throughout the house and therefore tend to stockpile near where the items get used. For instance, our extra laundry detergent is on shelves near the washing machine, and extra baby supplies are in the nursery. If I ever acquired a huge stash of those items, I’d have to find a new home for the surplus, but for now that system works well.

One Response

  1. Why?
    I understand the rock-bottom price thing. But if time is money, than certainly space is too. What is the square footage of said stockpile in percentage to your house? Now, what percent of your mortgage?

    My MIL stockpiles, her mother did. But her mother also recently passed away and now we’re left to clean out everything.

    But, I like your site. I like the chart breakdowns.

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