Rite Aid Suggestions for Week of 1/30-2/5

If you’ve never checked out the Rite Aid video Values coupons, this month is the time to do it!  I got these “free” coupons for just “watching” videos and typing codes:

$4 off $20
$1 off anything (Winter Reward)
$2 off anything (watch 10 Winter Reward videos)
$1 off anything (Rite Aid Wellness)
$1 off anything (Rite Aid Rx)

That’s $9 for less than an hour’s worth of “work.”  Paired with these deals it’s like money in your pocket!

In this week’s ad is a variety of food items for which if you spend $15, you’ll get $5 +UP.  You can look at an ad here. (*Caution: when I looked at the ad online, it was different than my paper copy.)
I was able to get:
5 Edy’s ice creams ($2.99, get $2 +UP)
1 Chex Mix ($1.50, Use Feb. Video Value $0.50 coupon, get $1 unadvertised +UP)
Total:  16.45 -$0.50 coupon = $15.95
+UP Back:  $16!  $0.05 MM

Another thing to look for are Lays Stax.  They are $1 each and are printing an unadvertised $1 +UP.  They count toward the $15, too.  My store was unfortunately out of them.  Several of these things also go toward the Winter Reward of Spend $100 by 2/26, get $20 +UP.

Stayfree Maxi Pads, BOGOF
Use BOGOF coupon available previously online or in the newspaper (expires 3/31/2011); My newspaper’s coupon had a limit of $6.00
I was able to also use the $1 off coupon from the paper (or available online) because I actually “bought” two items.
Total:  $0.01 MM (and it went toward my Winter Reward of Spend $100 by 2/26, get $20 +UP)

Single Check Rebate (SCR) Deals are a great way to turn around +UP rewards by splitting your transactions and buying these things in a second transaction.  This would turn your +UP in actual cash, so you’re not carrying around +UP.

AMO Complete Multi-Purpose Solution – $7.99
Use $1.00 newspaper coupon
Total:  $1.00 MM after SCR
Plus, this goes toward the Winter Reward of Spend $100 by 2/26, get $20 +UP.

Neurogen Gel, $19.99
Get $19.99 SCR
Total:  Free after SCR

KY Products:  Buy 1, get 1 50% off; $5 +UP on 2
There are video value coupons for these products and potentially various newspaper coupons.  I don’t have the specifics.
There are also $3 off any product coupons here and $2 off coupons here.
It’s reported that there is a product that start at $4.49, making these cheap, free, or even moneymaker Valentine’s Day gifts, depending upon the product you choose and your store’s prices.

ProGlide Razor, $9.99 get $5 +UP
Use $4 off coupon from newspaper
Total:  $5.99, plus $5 +UP,  NET:  $0.99

Check out a complete list of deals at Hip2Save’s blog post here.


Cheap Bacon!

Every time I think about Bacon, I think about Jim Gaffigan’s bacon sketch. Hilarious – look it up on Youtube if you haven’t seen it. Anyway, back to thinks related to couponing.

Today a Save-a-lot flier came in our mail. I saw that Butterball turkey bacon is on sale at Save-a-lot for $1 each. That’s a great deal. And, to make it better, there are $1/2 or $.55/1 coupons in the 1/16/11 Smart Source (depending on your region). I got the $1/2 coupons, so I’m going to go buy 4 packs of turkey bacon for $2 and have one very happy hubby. The prices are good through 2/15/11 and the Butterball coupons expire 4/17.


When patience pays

Every CVS store has a Extra Care Coupon Center that is sometimes referred to as “the little red machine” on couponing blogs. The Coupon Center spits out coupons when you scan your Extra Care card (usually 2 coupons – the example above was just a photo I found online of the little red machine!) Last Saturday I went to CVS and scanned my card and a $3 off Bounty Paper towels (excluding Basic) spit out. The little red machine prints out CVS coupons, so you can stack them with manufacturer coupons.

I immediately went to see if the Bounty paper towels were on sale, and they were not. They were priced at $8.97. With my $3 CVS coupon and $1 mfr coupon, I could have gotten the Bounty 8pk for $4.97, but since the coupon didn’t expire until today (1/30) I decided to take my chances (especially sine I didn’t need paper towels).

Lo and behold, this week Bounty 8 pks are on sale at CVS for $6.97. Stack that with my $3 CVS coupon (that expires today) and $1 mfr coupon (that expires tomorrow), and I get 8 rolls of paper towels for $2.97.

Today on my trip to get the Bounty, I got another high value coupon ($5 off of any 2 Revlon cosmetics). There is not a great deal on Revlon cosmetics, so I am going to take my chances on this one too. I have found that about 1/2 of the CVS coupons from the little red machine make for some great deals (even if not that week) and the others end up in the recycle bin after they expire. What are your experiences with the little red machine?

Free Light Bulbs & Free Mouth Wash and other misc deals

I haven’t posted much because I haven’t found a plethora of great deals.

However, this week (until 1/29) you can get “free” light bulbs at Rite Aid:
GE Soft White Light – 4 pk (40, 60, 75, and 100 watt) on sale for $1.99 each, get $1.99 +UP.
The limit is 6 +UP rewards.
*The light bulbs go toward the Winter Rewards of Spend $100, get $20 +UP on certain items.  Look for the “buy and save” stickers.  Promotion until February 26.

Watch the new Rite Aid Video Values and get coupons to make this a money maker.  In the Winter Rewards section, there is a $1 off (anything) coupon and if you watch 10 videos in that section, you’ll get a $2 off anything coupon.  Watch the Beauty Reward videos to get $4 off $20 (you can’t use this with just the light bulbs, but these coupons are good all month!)

Crest Pro-Health mouthwash is on sale (until 1/29) at CVS for $3.99, get $3.99 ECB.

Another Rite Aid deal:
Nature Made Fish Oil (counts and prices vary)
Spend $30 on Fish Oil and get $16 +UP.
Plus, the Fish Oil is part of the Healthy Heart Rite Aid Program (Spend $30, get $10 +UP).
Total:  $26 +UP.

If you can get your counts close to $30, it’s a moneymaker by using these extra coupons:

  • January Video Value coupon (if you watched the movie before January 22) – $3 off N.M. Fish Oil
  • February Video Value coupon – $3 off N.M. Fish Oil
  • From the Newspaper: $5 Nature Made Rebate (when you spend $30)
  • Plus, various Nature Made coupons online (go to Nature Made’s website or check out Leslie’s favorite coupon database), in the newspaper or All You Magazine — various coupons for $1, $2, or $3 off!

Pediasure is on sale this week (until 1/29) for $9.99.
You should be able to use the Newspaper (or online ) Rebate form to get $9.99 back.
Plus, you can use a $2.00 coupon from the Newspaper at the time of purchase, making this a money maker too!
Supposedly, you can get a $3.00 coupon from Pediasure’s website by signing up for a newsletter.  I signed up yesterday and didn’t get the coupon yet, but by using the newspaper coupon, I still made $2.

Also at CVS, Renpure Shampoo/Conditioners are on sale (until 1/29), BOGOF.
There are still some “Try Me Free” tags on the lids, making them either both free, or a $6.99 moneymaker if Renpure refunds the price of both!  I looked on the tag and there were no restrictions about “limit one per household” or anything.

* Caution: If you do both of these CVS rebate deals, ask for an extra print out of your receipt… or do two purchases because you need originals for both rebates!

Cheap Baby Wipes

According to BabyCheapskate.com, the stock up price for baby wipes is 2 cents per wipe. Based on that figure, today’s Target Daily Deal is a decent one: 616 wipes for $12.99 (free shipping). Use your Ebates account and get 3% cash back which makes the deal even better. If you haven’t signed up for ebates, you can do it here.


McDonald’s Deal?

If you’re crazy about chicken nuggets from McDonald’s (like my brother and me) than you probably already know about the current promotion.  It’s 50 nuggets for $9.99.  However, if you really actually need 50 nuggets, for a savings of $0.04 (every penny counts, eh?), order (5) 10 nuggets at $1.99.  This brings your cost to $9.95.  What a deal!  (Is there a tongue-in-cheek smiley?)  🙂

Rethinking Stewardship

Stewardnoun 1. a person who manages another’s property or financial affairs; one who administers anything as the agent of another or others.

One of the principles of Christianity is stewardship, with Christians believing that God is the maker/owner/giver of everything and are therefore responsible to him for how they use what he has given them. I think too often this conversation is related only to finances. Sure, money is really the means by which we often acquire goods. But I think Christians need to also apply the principle of stewardship to how we spend our time and talents.

This weeks’ Rite Aid and CVS deals didn’t really excite me at first glance. And then I read this post and realized there is an opportunity to get free TP and tissues at Rite Aid this week. And, our local homeless shelter considers toilet paper and other paper products a “critical need.” So I went to Rite Aid today.

20 boxes of tissues, 40 rolls of TP, and 6 boxes of clearance pantyliners later, I was driving home thinking about what a good honest way this was to spend my time on a Sunday. I’m not trying to toot my own horn. Instead, I’m demonstrating how becoming more familiar with couponing can become a talent that will allow you to bless other people in new ways. And it just might help you rethink stewardship.

Jesus spent his Sabbath helping and healing people. For him Sabbath meant finding rest in doing God’s work. Today’s trip (on the day most often considered the Sabbath in American Christianity), cost me nothing financially except for gas (details below), but did cost me some time and some of my couponing skills. In return, lots of folks in our town get blessed. Totally worth it to me.


Item Cost Coupon Ups
10 4pk of RA brand Toilet Paper @ $1 each $10   $10
20 boxes of RA tissues @ $1 each, $3 UP wyb $10 $20   $20


6 boxes Kotex Lightdays Pantyliners pk of  20 @ .37 each $2.22    
TOTALS $32.22   $36

Total = $3.78 Moneymaker