$125 for about an hour of work?

Ever get those offers for FREE money to open a new checking account?  They are legit and are worth it, in my opinion.  (I have to admit I did this at Leslie’s mom’s bank a few years back to get $100… please don’t be mad at me!  :))

I just got $125 for opening a new account.  It did take a few clicks of my computer and I have to meet the requirements, but when I can earn $125 for less than an hour’s worth of work, I’ll take it!  The time included the online application and filling out forms at my husband’s employer for a partial direct deposit of his paycheck.  This was a personal offer to me to open an online checking account with our credit card company, so it’s not an offer I can share.

However… I did want you to know that these offers are available and you might consider them!  Here are a few things to remember:

  • Read ALL the fine print.
  • Know the requirements (usually a direct deposit or a certain number of “credit” purchases a month).
  • Know the minimum deposit and any fees (you don’t want any!).
  • Know the cancellation policy.  For the account I just opened, I have to keep it open for 6 months.
  • Know that this “income” is considered interest when reporting to the IRS. (usually… again, check the fine print)
  • Know if you can open for multiple people.  A few years ago, I was able to open 2 accounts — one for my husband (with his permission) and one for me, resulting in $202!  I think there might be a few that you can open for children, too.
  • Did I mention read ALL the fine print???

Have you had success with bank offers or credit card offers?  I’m grateful for our “rewards” on our credit card that we use and pay in full each month.  Share your stories! 


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