CVS Excitement — for next week

Yes folks, I just caught myself jumping with giddy joy when I looked in my email and saw that I had a $5/30 coupon for CVS next week.   Remember you can check out the ad on Thursdays.  To check out next week’s ad, go to, click on Weekly ad, and then click on next week’s ad. (sorry – no direct link, my cut/paste isn’t working!).

Here’s my list for next week, provided they have what I’m looking for.

(5) Cottonelle 18 packs (90 rolls of TP) – $50, get $20 ECB (this offer is spend $25, get 10 ECB, but the limit is 2)
(8) bags of Doritos (my husband will be so excited) – $20, get $10 ECB
Reese’s pieces, king size – $1.50, get $1.50 ECB
Snickers – $0.89, get $0.89 ECB
All laundry detergent (I like this kind and have a coupon) – $4.99, $1.00 coupon, $1.00 ECB)

I’ve even broken it down into 3 transactions so that I can use my ECB as I go instead of having $30+ at the end.
I’ll also use my $3/15 coupon for the TP (I think I can use this) and my emailed $5/30 coupon.

SO… My cost is:  77.38, with $9 in coupons and $33.39 in ECB.  Net total:  34.99

I’d be glad for that price on 90 rolls of TP – $0.39/roll — let alone the other stuff!!!  I may have to drive to another CVS to get that many TP and Doritos (there are other things included in those deals, those are just the items I wanted), so we’ll see how it goes down!  I think I’ll have to find somewhere else to stash my TP; I’ve never had (5) 18-packs!  Cottonelle is our preferred choice around here and I just commented that there hadn’t been a great sale in a while on this brand.  I won’t have to look for awhile!  🙂

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