How else can I save? ASK, RESEARCH and EXPERIMENT!

If you can dream it, you can probably save it!  In the age of technology, you can Google how to make your own deodorant and laundry soap!  (I’ve never tried either, so I can’t make any recommendations).  However, if you’re looking for more ways to save, here is my suggestion!


Not long ago, I read a post about laundry.  The writer said she did about 5-6 loads a week for her family of 5.  What??  I was doing somewhere in the vicinity of 10-12 loads for our family of 5.  I started asking around to my friends and family.  I found out some interesting things!

  • Most of them use a towel more than once.  WOW!  This has saved me a ton of laundry!
  • I used to wear pants for 2 or 3 days.  Now, I wear my jeans for almost a whole week before washing them.  I’m also not ashamed to wear yesterday’s clothes today if I’m going to be cleaning or doing another “dirtier” job and then taking a shower later in the day.
  • My children have been blessed with lots of hand-me-downs.  We were wearing different pj’s on them each night because we, well I guess it’s just because we could!  Now, I try to wear their pj’s 2-3 times (I was already doing this with my own).
  • If we went to the store and my children sat in a cart, I would often change my son’s clothes before he napped.  This way his clothes were clean in the crib.  I still do this, but I put on yesterday’s clothes for a morning shopping trip and then he can wear his new ones after we come home.
  • I was also doing 2-3 loads every 2-3 days.  A friend suggested that instead of trying to “keep up” with the laundry, that I just do it every 4 or 5 days.  I was surprised to find out that I did a little less laundry this way because I fill my loads a little fuller.  BUT the real kicker here was saving TIME!  I no longer make 3 trips a week to everyone’s dresser drawers (although sometimes I ask my 3 and 4 year olds to put away their own laundry).  I now make 1 trip… bigger piles.  I did have to purchase some more underwear for one family member, but that was a small price to pay for the long-term savings.

I haven’t cut my # of loads in half or anything drastic like that, but I have cut out 1-3 loads.  (You’ll always do much laundry when you have 3 children 4 and under!).  I have eliminated the time I spend running up and down from my basement to do loads and how much time I spending putting away all the folded laundry.

The biggest thing this area has taught me about is to ASK, RESEARCH and EXPERIMENT!  By listening to friends and reading blogs, I’ve realized I don’t always have to do the same old, same old.  Thinking about the ordinary in a new light can help me save time, money, and energy too!

As far as asking parents about how to save, think about this:  You might already be doing what they’re doing because that’s how you were raised.  Of course, your parents might be GREAT savers, ask away!  But what you should really ask your parents is “WHY?”  You know, that question they hated when you were a toddler?  Ask them why they do things a certain way.  It will you give you insight into so much.  If they have no idea, it might be because it’s what they’re parents did.  That’s something worth RESEARCHING why or EXPERIMENTING with something else.  Or they might have a really good reason for doing something a certain way.

WHAT ABOUT YOU?  Is there a tip or trick you’ve recently found to be helpful?  Maybe it’s something your mom never did, but your friend’s mom always did.  Just by asking, you learn new ideas!  What do you want to save on?


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