No Shame

Maybe you remember Leslie’s post about something she thought she’d never do.  If you don’t remember, read it here.  Well, I just got back inside from digging through my own trash.  Here’s the story…

I love hot chocolate like some people love coffee.  I’m almost out of the mix, which I buy in the canister and not the packets.  Last week, I was fortunate enough to score (2) $2 coupons for Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa (no longer available… coupons available for this now are from All You).  They expire tomorrow, which was not enough time to find a sale.  However, $2 off is a decent amount, so I plan on using it (even if it snows!).

I went to grab the coupons this morning and they weren’t on the counter.  UGG!  I’ve lost a credit card (well, I found out a daughter wanted to play with it and took it; it was later found) and a check (which I think said daughter also confessed to taking; after digging through the trash, I have yet to find that one) in the last week.  How could I also lose $4 in coupons?

I asked myself, if it was $4 cash, would I dig?  The answer: YES!  I cleaned off my counter last night, so I was hoping they weren’t too far.  Thankfully, they were close to the top and I didn’t have to get messy to find them.  (More confessions: I have thrown out a rebate check by mistake, dug through the trash, and had to let the raw egg yolk dry before taking it to the bank.  I worked at a bank… we know money and checks are never clean!)

Ahh.. my coupon world is right again.  Hopefully I get to enjoy hot chocolate on a snowy morning tomorrow!


2 Responses

  1. Kathy, you are hilarious! I can picture you digging. I have dug, too, but I can’t remember what it was for. I found a toddler spoon in the trash once – apparently went with the oatmeal that I dumped.

  2. When the boy was about 1 1/2, he loved to throw things in the trash so I’ve been dumpster diving several times. Unfortunately the items I was searching for were a little more sensitive to getting gunk on them- think the remote, my cell phone, the portable phone and once even his clothing! We learned to keep things out of reach…of course then he reversed his efforts and began to remove things from the trash…yeah, never a dull moment in this house! I’m guessing your little Miss R was the culprit here. I told you they’ll make a great match!!

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