Rite Aid week of 1/9-1/15

I’ve been leery to post about my Rite Aid trip.  I’ve been reading 2 other blogs and have heard mixed messages from both.  Anyway, here’s what I bought:

4 boxes of Special K
RA’s sale: BOGOF
Use (2) of this coupon to score BOGOF… the max value is $4.49 and mine were $4.79… you’ll have to pay $0.60 for all 4
In addition, the coupon says a certain kind which my stores was out of.  The cashier said I could try a different flavor and it worked.  I’m not sure if it will work for others though.
I also earned $2 unadvertised UPs for these, making them a money maker (MM).

2 packages of Stayfree maxipads
RA sale: 2 for $5 with with $2 UP on 2
Use this coupon to score BOGOF
Use this coupon to score $1 off the “non-free” one
Net – $0.50 MM

3 Hormel Compleat meals
RA sale $1.99 with $1 Up
Use RA Video Values coupon ($0.50)
Use this coupon for $1 off 3
I earned (2) $1 Unadvertised UP rewards as well.
Net total:  $0.53 MM

The unadvertised UP rewards were what I saw being discussed on the other blogs.  For some people they worked, for others they didn’t.  I’m going to guess that I got them for the Kellogg’s ($1 for 2; total $2) and for the regular Hormel Compleat (I bought 1 low-cal one, so I guess I got (2) $1 Up for the regular.  That’s the only sense I can make of the unadvertised deals).  Theses unadvertised UPs print as “Food Snacks” or “Snacks”… so you don’t really know what you got them on!

In addition, after all that… you can do a second transaction (especially if you don’t like rolling RA rewards) and buy the Blink Tears with your UP rewards.  Currently they are $7.99 and you can submit at RA online (or in the mail) for a Single Check Rebate in the amount of $7.99 — making them FREE!!  Find a $1 off coupon from the paper (1/2 or 1/9, I don’t remember which) and it’s a money maker!

I think I’m going to go back and get some more… the Special K is part of the Resolution Rewards (spend $100 by 1/22 and earn $20 UP).

Happy RA shopping!  All around, every item was a MM for me this week!  If I calculated right, I made $3.43!!  (Spent $13 in already earned UP, got back $9: Net UPs: -$4.  Paid (-) $0.56 OOP.  Get $7.99 SCR.  -$4-0.56+7.99=$3.43 MM)  If any of my math students ever read this, you could also figure it out like this:  Special K: $1.40 MM, Stayfree: $.50 MM, Compleat: $.53 MM; Blink: $1 MM = 1.40+.5+.53+1 = $3.43 MM!

I even went out in the snow with a friend on Tuesday night to get these deals.  Oh, and I tried to use my $2 Swiss Miss Coupons on $1.69 clearance hot chocolate.  The lady said she wouldn’t take it, even though RA’s corporate coupon policy says they’re supposed to price adjust the coupons.  I didn’t want to argue, and the BESTEST husband in the world went out in the cold last night to Weis and got me 2 big canisters to use my coupons.  LOVE HIM!

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