When patience pays

Every CVS store has a Extra Care Coupon Center that is sometimes referred to as “the little red machine” on couponing blogs. The Coupon Center spits out coupons when you scan your Extra Care card (usually 2 coupons – the example above was just a photo I found online of the little red machine!) Last Saturday I went to CVS and scanned my card and a $3 off Bounty Paper towels (excluding Basic) spit out. The little red machine prints out CVS coupons, so you can stack them with manufacturer coupons.

I immediately went to see if the Bounty paper towels were on sale, and they were not. They were priced at $8.97. With my $3 CVS coupon and $1 mfr coupon, I could have gotten the Bounty 8pk for $4.97, but since the coupon didn’t expire until today (1/30) I decided to take my chances (especially sine I didn’t need paper towels).

Lo and behold, this week Bounty 8 pks are on sale at CVS for $6.97. Stack that with my $3 CVS coupon (that expires today) and $1 mfr coupon (that expires tomorrow), and I get 8 rolls of paper towels for $2.97.

Today on my trip to get the Bounty, I got another high value coupon ($5 off of any 2 Revlon cosmetics). There is not a great deal on Revlon cosmetics, so I am going to take my chances on this one too. I have found that about 1/2 of the CVS coupons from the little red machine make for some great deals (even if not that week) and the others end up in the recycle bin after they expire. What are your experiences with the little red machine?


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