Rite Aid Suggestions for Week of 1/30-2/5

If you’ve never checked out the Rite Aid video Values coupons, this month is the time to do it!  I got these “free” coupons for just “watching” videos and typing codes:

$4 off $20
$1 off anything (Winter Reward)
$2 off anything (watch 10 Winter Reward videos)
$1 off anything (Rite Aid Wellness)
$1 off anything (Rite Aid Rx)

That’s $9 for less than an hour’s worth of “work.”  Paired with these deals it’s like money in your pocket!

In this week’s ad is a variety of food items for which if you spend $15, you’ll get $5 +UP.  You can look at an ad here. (*Caution: when I looked at the ad online, it was different than my paper copy.)
I was able to get:
5 Edy’s ice creams ($2.99, get $2 +UP)
1 Chex Mix ($1.50, Use Feb. Video Value $0.50 coupon, get $1 unadvertised +UP)
Total:  16.45 -$0.50 coupon = $15.95
+UP Back:  $16!  $0.05 MM

Another thing to look for are Lays Stax.  They are $1 each and are printing an unadvertised $1 +UP.  They count toward the $15, too.  My store was unfortunately out of them.  Several of these things also go toward the Winter Reward of Spend $100 by 2/26, get $20 +UP.

Stayfree Maxi Pads, BOGOF
Use BOGOF coupon available previously online or in the newspaper (expires 3/31/2011); My newspaper’s coupon had a limit of $6.00
I was able to also use the $1 off coupon from the paper (or available online) because I actually “bought” two items.
Total:  $0.01 MM (and it went toward my Winter Reward of Spend $100 by 2/26, get $20 +UP)

Single Check Rebate (SCR) Deals are a great way to turn around +UP rewards by splitting your transactions and buying these things in a second transaction.  This would turn your +UP in actual cash, so you’re not carrying around +UP.

AMO Complete Multi-Purpose Solution – $7.99
Use $1.00 newspaper coupon
Total:  $1.00 MM after SCR
Plus, this goes toward the Winter Reward of Spend $100 by 2/26, get $20 +UP.

Neurogen Gel, $19.99
Get $19.99 SCR
Total:  Free after SCR

KY Products:  Buy 1, get 1 50% off; $5 +UP on 2
There are video value coupons for these products and potentially various newspaper coupons.  I don’t have the specifics.
There are also $3 off any product coupons here and $2 off coupons here.
It’s reported that there is a product that start at $4.49, making these cheap, free, or even moneymaker Valentine’s Day gifts, depending upon the product you choose and your store’s prices.

ProGlide Razor, $9.99 get $5 +UP
Use $4 off coupon from newspaper
Total:  $5.99, plus $5 +UP,  NET:  $0.99

Check out a complete list of deals at Hip2Save’s blog post here.


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