If you haven’t been to Rite Aid this week…

You might want to go (especially if you like ice cream, and aren’t much for clipping coupons but still want a good deal). This trip cost me $3.92. Details below.

Item Quantity Cost Coupons Up Rewards
Lays Chips, BOGO Free 2 $3.99
Lays Stax 

2 for $2

2 $2.00 $2
Smucker’s Jelly $1.99 2 $3.98 $2
Edy’s Ice Cream 4 $11.96 $8
“Up Your Game” promo $5 UP wyb $15 of select items $5
Razor Set 1 $9.99 $4 (P&G Insert) $5

Subtotal OOP (Cost – Coupons) = $26.92
-$1 Winter Rewards Coupon from Video Values
-$22 in UPR
Total = $3.92

*Kathy’s note:  The Up Ur Game deal (Spend $15, get $5 +uP) also works with several other items.  I was with a friend who got 10 bags of Chex Mix (2/$3).  The net total would be $0 (10 bags at $15, get $1 +Up on each bag, plus bonus $5 +UP).  The kicker would be if you had Rite Aid Video Values coupon ($0.50 off Chex mix) and/or newspaper coupons ($1 off 2) — Moneymaker!

Don’t forget you could buy contact solution this week for $7.99 and get a $7.99 SCR (single check rebate).  If bought on a second transaction, you could use your +UP to turn them into cash.

My friend also looked for Renpure shampoos/conditioners on sale for $4.99 because they had “try me free” tags on them.  She turned all her +UP from her Chex mix transaction into cash by buying a contact sol’n and 2 conditioners, then getting the rebates.

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  1. You know I love ice cream, but I hate (HATE) Lays chips, and I stopped getting Edy’s because the containers are too hard to stack in our freezer and it annoys me how you can’t get the last scoops out without getting ice cream on your wrist. No complaints about the flavor of Edy’s – I’m happy to eat it; I just get annoyed if I have to store it or serve it. I’m too food-picky to coupon some weeks.

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