Confessions of a non-Amazon mom

Right now, if you’ve got a little one in diapers, you’ve likely heard about Amazon Mom. Hands down, diapers are consistently the least expensive when you buy them through Amazon’s “Amazon Mom” program and use their “subscribe and save” option to save additional $.

But, I am not an Amazon mom. There are a few reasons.

1) My baby wears cloth diapers and we use cloth wipes. She is 7 months and 6 days old and I have bought 1 pack of disposable diapers.

2) A few months ago there were some fraudulent amazon purchases on our credit card. While our credit card company and Amazon fought over who was responsible for the charges, Amazon locked me out of my account. I am still locked out. Boo.

3) I work with a large-scale professional development project that recently attempted to order a LOT of technological equipment from Amazon. They didn’t have the stock, and never communicated that to us. They simply didn’t fill the order. We had to call them to figure out what was going on when we didn’t get the items after almost two months. Boo.

4) It’s more “green” to buy from local stores. Less packaging. Probably less fuel involved. But there’s no real way to say that’s true for sure. I just like to think it is. How’s that for an argument?

So, I still buy things on Amazon (using my husband’s account because I am still locked out of mine). But, I’m not overly eager to try out their Amazon mom program. I really don’t have a need for it given our cloth diapers and my couponing skillz. Yes, you heard me, skillz.

Here’s an example:

We recently realized my daughter’s diaper rash is from the solution we were using with cloth wipes. Until we find a solution that works, I decided to buy disposable wipes. The going “good deal” for wipes is .02 a wipe, which is typical Amazon mom pricing. I can usually get that price in stores with coupons. I did today.

Rite Aid Wipes – 240 count – shelf price $6.99
My 10% discount made them $6.29
The $1 off coupon in their weekly flier made them $5.29
The $1 off coupon from Rite Aid’s adperk videos made them $4.29
So, I paid $4.29 for 240 wipes or 1.7 cents each.

And, something that I can’t do on Amazon mom – I can use UP rewards to pay. In this case, I bought two bags of wipes and some food and paid $0.07 total because I used my $20 Winter Reward.

Take that, Amazon Mom.

Disclaimer: I think Amazon mom is a great deal, but all of the fanfare about it online made me want to write a post that didn’t herald it as the greatest thing since sliced bread. It’s simply another way to get cheap diapers.


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  1. FYI, Daniel inherited my allergy to mineral oil (which is the only ingredient in baby oil). Try getting rid of mineral oil for Ev and see if that works for you. He got a rash FROM the diaper rash cream that they gave him at day-care, and it took me a while to figure that out. But it was definitely the mineral oil, and now we’re fine.

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