Cheap(er) Diapers @ CVS this week

I missed this deal earlier, but here it is.

Spend $25 in select products, get $10 ECB Back.
Buy 1 Pampers diapers box ($20)
Buy 1 Children’s Advil ($4.50)
Use (1) $2 off coupon for Pampers
Use (1) $1 off coupon for the Advil
Total:  $21.50, get $10 ECB

Net total:  $11.50 for a big box of diapers and Advil
Just for comparison’s sake, FYI:  The ad shows a box of size 3’s with a count of 96.  If this is consistent with what’s on the shelf, that’s like saying it’s $0.11/diaper for size 3’s with free Advil.

*Note:  I am aware that this doesn’t add up to $25.  However, some CVS deals don’t require you to hit the exact mark.  A friend tried this deal today and this appears to be one of those deals where $24.50 was close enough.  Fortunately, CVS deals usually run for the whole week and are cumulative, so if you’re not sure about a deal’s exact total, buy just under (within pennies or so) and see if the ECB print.  You can always purchase something in a second transaction and still get the ECB.

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