UPDATED: Giant/Martin’s Frozen Ideas…

*See updated information at the bottom about the gas rewards.

If you’re thinking about doing the frozen deal at Giant that Leslie spoke of here, I came up with a few deal scenarios/combos for a friend and thought I’d share them with you.  I only picked those things that I could get to $25 exactly, although there are a few other things that you could get and be under $27 for a transaction.  To make your own combinations, locate a Giant near you here and then look at the weekly ad (my participating freezer listing was on page 8, but I don’t know if that’s for all the locations).

Transaction A
5 Pizzas @ $5 each ($25)

Transaction B
4 Ellios @ 2.50 each ($10)
4 Breyers Ice cream @ 2.50 each ( $10)
2 McCain Fries @ 2.50 each ($5)

Transaction C
5 Smuckers Snack & Waffles @ 2.00 each ($10)
5 Stouffers Red Box Meals  @ 2.00 each ($10)
2 Breyers Ice Cream @ 2.50 each ($5)

Transaction D
5 Aunt Jemima French Toast @ 2.00 each ($10)
5 New York Texas Toast @ 2.00 each ($10)
2 McCain Fries @ 2.50 each ($5)

Transaction E
5 Hot Pockets (or Lean Pockets) @ 2.00 each ($10)
5 Birds Eye Voila frozen meals @ 3.00 each ($15)

Transaction F
5 Klondike ice cream sandwiches @ 3.00 each ($15)
4 Ellio’s pizzas @ 2.50 each ($10)

Remember… you’re buying $25 the first time and getting $10 to use for the next time.  The fourth transaction would result in a $25 (for spending $100) catalina and a $10 (for spending $25 in the fourth transaction).  Your transactions (w/o coupons) would be $25, $15, $15, $15.  Then, you could get $35 worth of other groceries in a 5th transaction.  You’d be getting at least $135 worth of groceries for $70.  (Assuming you get things on sale, it would be more.  I used coupons and sales and got about $190 for about $57).

Here are some other deals to note:

  • Don’t forget Leslie’s cereal post.
  • I personally think Giant’s deli meats are expensive, so I opted to buy 2 Oscar Meyer deli meats in the prepackaged containers (2 for $6 – the ham and turkey are 9 oz each I think, so that’s not terrible for turkey- $5.33/lb) and you can get $2.00 off a Kraft mayo or Sandwich Works Mayo, which Phil really wanted to try but I wouldn’t buy at full price ($2.59)!
  • Hatfield ham steaks – 2 for $5 (8 oz each) and there was a $2 off/2 coupon in this past week’s newspaper.
  • Buying the $100 worth of frozen will qualify you for $0.10/gallon off of gas — another great perk!
    UPDATE:  These transactions alone will NOT qualify you for the gas reward, as that total happens post-discounts (like the $10 and $25 catalinas).

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