Free food at Save-a-lot

Normally I don’t go crazy stocking up on junk food because 1) it’s easy to get cheap junk food and 2) having junk food around our house means…we eat it.

Today was an exception because I am stocking up for the food give-a-way. Earlier this week I went to Save-a-lot and saw that bags of Krunchers! chips were on sale for $1 a bag.

I pulled up the coupon database on my iPhone* to see whether my memory of a recent Krunchers! coupon was a mirage. It wasn’t a mirage – I found my Krunchers! coupon after the database told to look for it in the 2/27 SS insert. Woo hoo! The coupon was $1/1, making these free. So I bought a bag with my 1 coupon. When I got home, I bought 20 more coupons on ebay for $1.50 (including shipping).

During that same initial visit, I realized that the $1/2 Maruchan Yakisoba coupon in the 3/13 insert meant that these were also free because they were priced at $.49 each.

I had two coupons and bought 4.

Today my ebay coupons came in the mail and I went back to Save-a-lot to collect my 20 bags of free chips. Three people said something like “that’s a lot of chips” as I walked up and down the aisles with my cart overflowing with black potato chip bags. I like telling people that they are free with coupons and that I donate them to local food-drives. They usually smile, which almost covers up their confusion.

*In-store access to the coupon database via my phone is so helpful when you’re not as organized as you’d like to be! I don’t know how I’d do without it at the moment.

3 Responses

  1. What would be even MORE helpful is if they built a little tiny iPrinter, so you could just print the coupons right then and there. I’m picturing something like old-fashioned adding machines, with the roll of 2″ wide paper. Who’s with me? Let’s slap a patent on this baby and make our millions!

  2. Amy, I am with you. I have wished for that gadget many times.

  3. what an awesome deal!!

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