“CVS, You’re forgiven…”

Not too many items, but getting all this and MAKING $8 a day BEFORE the sale started was well worth it!

All day Thursday, I waited for a $5 off $30 coupon.  I think I checked my email every 10 minutes.  I checked it again on Friday morning, but then had to run errands.  I decided that I would be going past a CVS and had no plans to leave the house on Saturday, so instead of waiting for the “probably-not-coming-this-week” coupon, I would just get my CVS shopping done while I was out on Friday.

I found most of the things I wanted, but was still waiting on a raincheck.  This made my carefully planned transactions not so neat and I had to pay more OOP and have more ECB to carry over.  As I drove to what I thought would be our last stop of errands, I realized that I had not gotten my Coke $5 ECB.  I was a little miffed knowing that I had spent $15.34 and not the $14.34 on my receipt.  However, it was already 1:00 and my kids hadn’t had their lunch yet, so I stopped at a second CVS to get another 2 liter and get my deal.  (Later I remembered that I hadn’t purchased $15 as I thought… doing things in two transactions on two days with baby brain can be so confusing!  Did I really think CVS’s cash registers would mess up my deal?)

BUT… here’s the kicker!  I arrived home around 2:00 and checked my email.  AND THERE IT WAS!  And this week the email coupon was even better: a $5 off $25.  Only, I had just spent $25 half an hour after the time-stamp on the email and wasn’t planning on doing it again the upcoming week.  I walked around in shock for a while.  Then, I regrouped and looked at this week’s ad with new eyes.  That’s when it hit me….

I should try what I’ve only heard others talk about:  Get Sunday’s deal on Saturday.

Hmm…  I quickly put together a scenario very close to $25 and called to make sure that ECB print with the new prices.  My CVS said that after 6:00 at their store, both week’s deals run and ECB should indeed print.  Well, I rallied a friend (I was too scared to try this adventure on my own) and we made our way there on Saturday night.  I had all of the next week’s deals on my list and she had a mix of both weeks.  Do you know what?


We got our deals and I didn’t have to shop today on an already full Sunday for us.  So, CVS, I was really mad at you on Friday when I got the coupon after I shopped.  But, having made $8 with great customer service a whole day before the actual sale, I’ll forgive you.  Plus, your email worked and you got me to go on a second un-planned trip.  Since you’ll get money back from my manufacturer’s coupons, we both win!

Here’s what I got, though your deals may vary because of the coupons I had.

Head & Shoulders, $4.99, get $2.50 ECB (limit 1, Pantene products also included)
Use $2.00/1 coupon (maybe from a mailer??)
Net total:  $0.49

Allegra, 5 count, $6.99, get $6.99 ECB (limit 1)
Use $2.00 printable coupon
Net total:  $2.00 MONEYMAKER (MM)

Physicians Formula Make-up 40% off
The CVS coupon machine had given me a $6 coupon earlier in the week.  I bought the cheapest thing I could find at $6.29 just so I could use the  coupon and get to $25 to use my email coupon.  The markdown was to $3.77, making this a $2.23 MM for me.
I believe there are newspaper PF coupons this week, but I don’t know the details.

Crest Pro-Health Clinical Toothpaste and Floss – $3.49, get $2.50 ECB (limit 2)
Use various $1 off 1 coupons for t-paste or floss
Net total:  $0.02 MM for 2
Use $1/2 toothpaste coupons
Net total:  $0.98 for 2

Dawn dish soap, $0.97
Use $0.50 coupon from P&G Savings booklet
Net:  $0.47

Trident gum – $1.29 — NOT ON SALE!
I needed a little bit more to get to $25 since I couldn’t find the Colgate deal or my raincheck deal.  I had a CVS coupon machine coupon for $1 Trident gum, so, while this was not on sale, it worked out well for me.

I made money on the Allegra, make-up, and with my email coupon, broke even with the toothpaste and floss and paid minimum for the Dawn, Trident, and Head & Shoulders. I left on cloud-nine last night.

This was the Colgate deal I couldn’t do:

Colgate Total toothpaste and 360 toothbrush, $2.99 get $2 ECB (limit 2)
Use $1 toothpaste coupon
Use $1/2 toothbrush coupon
Net total:  MM or $0.49 each

Check out Hip2Save’s post here about this week’s CVS deals.  She put together  great scenarios for the $15, get $5 ECB Coke deal and the $12, get $3 ECB Suave deal.


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