Share the Wealth – Part 2

I have to admit that my joy yesterday was overcome with sadness today. The food give-a-way is scheduled for 10am-12noon. Every table in the place was full with goods at 10am. I got there at 10:20 and the food and supplies were mostly gone. Gone.

The two workers who came to my house yesterday told me there was a line when they got there at 9:45.

I think my feelings of sadness came when I saw people arriving who were choosing from what was left – some canned goods and produce provided by the food bank in Washington DC. Even the large (I thought) amount of stuff I had to donate didn’t last half an hour.

I learned that things like deodorant, shampoo, etc. are things that none of the other local places provide, and are sometimes hard to get with food stamps and other forms of assistance. I was somewhat shocked at the long list of people who had already been through the food give-a-way when I arrived.

I am still joyful – knowing how appreciative these kind souls must have been for things that they haven’t been able to get anywhere else. Yet, I am still sad I can’t meet every need. I guess I should take heart knowing that what I do makes a difference. Although my donation seemed insufficient and insignificant even for the need at this one food give-a-way, it was very significant in the lives of the people who received the items.


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