Renpure Try Me Free deal

If you’re like me and you tried a “Try-Me-Free” Renpure deal using ECB or +UP, know that they’ve added those store credits as part of the “any other offer” prohibition on their label.  Read more here.

I only did the deal once (I think it was at CVS on Black Friday) and did get my check.   However, a friend did the deal several times in January and hadn’t received her check.  We emailed the company (we b/c she doesn’t have the internet) and they responded favorably and she received her checks.  I was surprised that there is no limit on how many times you can do a TMF (I believe this is still the policy, but I’m not sure).

For a while, I was following a Facebook fan page, but the protesting comments were deleted, and then the entire page.  So… if you missed this info and are looking for a rebate, KINDLY email info @ renpure (dot) com.  They should be able to assist you.

Please read all the fine print when doing rebates!


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