Today’s Stock Up Trip

I love when the month changes in the middle of the week, because all of the online coupons reset and you can print them again…and there are new coupons! Today I went to Weis and to Martin’s just to buy the things that were great deals. You can check out the complete match-ups for Giant/Martins here and for Weis here. I ended up spending $8.35 for…

Here is some annotation:

  • 15 Rolls of Viva Paper towels (my favorite). When I noticed the $.85/1 coupon in the newspaper a few weeks ago, I decided it was worth the $4 to buy 10 more of them on Amazon, because 1) I have only seen one other Viva coupon in the last 6 months and, 2) they are my favorite paper towel, and 3) I knew I could get them for free (or better than free) if I found them on sale because our local grocery stores all double $.85 to $1.70. Today I found them for $1.50 each at Weis and had enough coupons collected or bought to get 15. So, I made $.20 per roll = $3. Factoring in the price of the coupons, I paid $1 for 15 rolls of paper towels.
  • 15 Boxes of General Mills Cereal. Right now Martin’s is running a promo where you get $6 off instantly and free milk wyb 4 boxes. I did this deal twice earlier this week and both times I received a catalina coupon for $2 off 5 boxes. I also found out the Martin’s in Hagerstown will take a coupon for each box, the catalina coupon, and give you the $6 off. So, I went and did the deal a few more times. 🙂 After seeing everything vanish at the last food give-a-way, I don’t feel foolish knowing I can donate all of this next week. I still have two or three catalinas and a few free milk coupons.*
  • 2 bags of Lays Chips on sale this week at Weis 2/$5, and I used two $.55/1 coupons that doubled to $1.10, so $1.40 per bag. Because I had to separate transactions for all of the Viva coupons to double, I separated the chips into some of those transactions to avoid an overage and the cashier needing to override multiple transactions.
  • 4 boxes of Golden Grahams Cereal Bars Really not healthy or a great breakfast…more like a dessert, if you ask me. They are $1 this week at Weis, and free after the $.50/1 coupon from the paper doubles. Also on sale – Betty Crocker potatoes and Betty Crocker supreme brownie mix.
  • 2 Pouches of Starkist Tuna priced 2/$3 at Weis this week. I used a $.75/2 coupon from the paper, which doubled to $1.50, so $.75/piece.

*Hint: We love the Smart Balance milk for a number of reasons, but especially when we run across deals like this. The reason? The use by date is often very far out. The milk I bought today had a use by June 2nd date. We will have no problem drinking 1.5 gallons by then.


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