Smiling twice

This week I had two blissful deal-related moments that made me smile. The first happened at Martin’s where I used five of the $5 catalinas from the Hallmark card deal and paid a whopping $1.81 for my trip.

Some deals you might want to take advantage of before the week is over include:

  • Kleenex at $.50/box: on sale for $1 each, use the $.50/2 coupon from All You (april issue) which doubles.
  • Gerber 2nds are BOGO free. I had a $1/8 catalina from a previous purchase, so I got 8 2packs for $2.98.
  • Coffeemate creamer for $.57 each. Sale price is $1.67. You can get a $.55/1 coupon from their website, which doubles to $1.10 at my store.
  • All laundry detergent (we use this clean & clear for our cloth diapers) is on sale for $2.99. The $1 coupon from the RP insert on 4/10 or here.

Also, a quick shout out to the woman working at Martin’s. As I approached the registers, she was standing near the customer service desk and I stopped to ask her if I could use more than one $5 catalina per transaction or if I would have to separate my transactions (which I was prepared to do, of course). She said “oh, just do one transaction. I will override it for you. Are you ready to check out? I’ll take you on register 6). This response was a nice change from the typical experience I’ve had at the Martin’s here in town. Yay!

Ok – second blissful moment…

I ordered nursing bras in the mail. After trying a number of brands from lots of stores (including Bravado) I have found the ones at Motherhood Maternity last just as long as any other. And, they were having a “buy 2 get 20% off” sale. Of course I bought some that were already on sale to begin with. After $6 shipping I paid $29.98 for 2. However, THAT’S NOT THE BEST PART.

When they arrived at my house today, look what else came with them:

Hello free $20 from Shutterfly! Nice to see you! And more coupons! How I love thee, motherhood maternity online shopping…


2 Responses

  1. 1. Salsa lemon Grande tortilla chips? Interesting.

    2. Yeah, if the nursing bras from MM work for you, then go for it. They were really awkward fits for me. I never managed to find anything cheap that fit right.

    3. Our Giants in MD have really similar sales but sometimes aren’t exactly the same as the PA ones. I didn’t see the All sale, and I’ll have to re-check, but thanks for the heads-up.

  2. 1. They were for Sam. I prefer the whole grain.

    2. I went for the Bravado on your recommendation but have basically worn them out in the same amount of time as others. I guess I should count my blessings I can buy cheaper versions.

    3. I think there is beginning to be more cross-pollination of PA and MD giant. The PA Giant stores are now carrying the MD giant brand (using the MD giant logo) as their store brand. Definitely check on the All.

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