CVS — Potentially FREE candy!

It’s been rumored (and it worked for me) that you can get $2 off coupons from the magic coupon machine for Hershey’s Drops or Pieces candy in the stand up bag.  And… you can get more than one if you go on more than one day.  Pair two of those coupons with this week’s sale (2 for $6) and a $2 off 2 manufacturer’s  newspaper coupon and you’ll have two FREE bags!

On a side note, when I went yesterday, I didn’t receive the coupon the first time I scanned, so I tried scanning again.  It worked!  Today, I received the coupon the first time I tried and when I tried scanning again got a message that said “Come back tomorrow [for any coupon in general because you’ve already scanned once, my friend!].”  A friend said she had to scan twice today to get her first coupon.  I might try to go back two more times this week to see if I can get two more coupons and two more free bags… seeing as how the baby in utero practically devoured the first bag already!  ha ha  (I like having someone else to blame for this appetite!)

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