CVS – Suntan lotion

If you’re doing the Neutrogena deal this week (buy 2 products, get $10 ECB, limit 1), here is a reminder for those of you who get CVS emails.

This week my CVS coupon was 25% off (not the usual and coveted $5 off 25).  I almost junked the email because it’s not valid on sale items.  When do I ever buy things not on sale at CVS??  However, the Neutrogena deal is the ECB, not the price, so the prices are the regular prices, making these items eligible for 25% off, PLUS $10 ECB.

At my store, different items were marked with the tags, but the ad doesn’t specify if it’s all Neutrogena suntan lotion or if it’s certain ones (I’ve seen other blogs suggest the cheapest kind — sticks that were about $8 — but they didn’t have a tag at my store and I was too scared to try it).  However, paired with the 25% off coupon, you should be able to score some cheap lotion (prices of items with tags were about $10-13).    Try this link to get add’l coupons.  At the moment, it’s not working for me, but something’s wrong with my internet, so I don’t know if it’s me or the link.


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