Free Oscar Meyer Subs at Giant (& cheap lunchables)

If you can find multiple coupons from this past Sunday’s insert (5/15), then you’ll have a good deal at Giant.

Oscar Meyer products are Buy 3, Get $3 off instantly (the items can be mixed and matched).  There are several coupons in this week past week’s insert to pair with the deal, but here are the best two:

Buy 3 sub sandwiches at $2.00 ea = $6
Use (3) $1 coupons
Get $3 instantly

Buy 3 @ 2.69 each = 8.07
Use (3) $1 coupons
Get $3 instantly
Total for 3 = 2.07
These aren’t something I would normally buy, but they will make great picnic foods! 

Plus, our store in Mount Joy is having grand opening specials, so I had to “spend” $15 to get free pasta, spaghetti sauce & Oreos… I walked out with 3 said free items, 6 lunchables, and 6 subs for $2.63 because somehow the catalina also spit out some random $1.50 off coupon that the cashier scanned!  SCORE!  I’m running out of room in the fridge.


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