I know that I shouldn’t complain when I am already getting great deals, but it’s such a bummer to me when I realize I could have gotten a better deal.  Venting to my husband doesn’t do much, so all of you get to “hear” me vent… and you’ve probably been in similar situations.

I didn’t have any kids this morning, so I stopped at CVS simply to scan my card at the coupon machine and see if I could get a free something or other to get my green bag tag scanned.  Well, I got another Crystal light coupon, so I bought two more To Go packets.  I saw that the cashier didn’t scan my green tag, though he picked it up.  And all too soon, my transaction was over, because I owed nothing so he never asked me for payment.  I really wanted that bag tag scanned and didn’t get it… but why can’t I be happy that I got 2 more free packets??

Then, I went to Giant and had my deal all set up but they didn’t have an item.  I rearranged my thinking and got 2 creamers, 1 gal tea, 1 pkg of plates, 3 ham steaks, and 1 bottle of ketchup for $6.  Remember my store is having grand opening specials, so I got the tea, plates, and ketchup for free with coupons.  However, I used (2) $1 manufacturer’s coupons on the creamers.  When I got home and sat down to read the paper, I saw Giant ad (which I had previously looked at online) and remembered I wanted to use the $1 doubler coupons — I could have saved another $2!!!

Well, now that I vented, hopefully I’ll move on with the rest of my afternoon and not be grumpy!

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