CVS Tips from early June 2011

Last week I did my usual run to CVS. For those of you who are local, I went to the CVS across from the Stonehouse plaza in Hagerstown. Here are some noteworthy things from my trip:

I found CVS coupons laying in a display of makeup…I took a few copies and left the rest

The coupons are $1/1 crystal light, $1/1 Colgate Gum Defense toothpaste, $1/1 Lady speed stick, $1/1 Irish Spring, and $1/1 Nature Maid Vitamins.

I also found a few things on clearance in the baby dept.:

Then when I approached the checkout, I saw a 75% clearance cart that included Mylicon drops in boxes that included an additional $10 worth of coupons.


2 Responses

  1. […] Mylicon drops I wrote about here included coupons in the box for the product. Our baby is past the Mylicon drops stage so I planned […]

  2. FYI– my husband works for a major retailer, and he yelled at me one day for taking pictures of wedding items which I intended to send to my friend so that she would know what I had been talking to her on the phone about. Apparently, it is illegal to take pictures of shelved product, price labels, etc. inside the store. The store could prosecute if they want to.

    Don’t want you to get in trouble!

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