Cheap Coffee and Card Moneymaker at Martin’s/Giant

The Eight O’Clock Coffee is priced $5.99 and is BOGO this week. Use the $2/2 coupon available here or in the inserts from last Sunday (6/5) to get two bags of coffee for $3.99!

There is also a promotion on Hallmark Cards – buy 3 and get $5 off instantly. I bought three sets of 3 cards that were $1.49 each (so my total was $4.47 for the cards) and got $5 off instantly, making each set of cards a $.53 money maker. I separated the sets of cards into separate transactions so I’m not sure if it will work in one or not. If you try it, leave a comment.

EDIT: I just checked my receipt and forgot that Giant bonuscard saves me an additional 10% on all cards. So, each card cost me $1.34, making each set of 3 cards a $.98 moneymaker.

3 Responses

  1. Not about the Hallmark promo, but at my Giant I bought the V-8 100% vegetable and fruit juice (Fusion, maybe? I forget the name) and got an unadvertised Catalina – .75 off coupon on 1, $1 on 2, $2 on 3 or $3 on 4. So, buying one actually gets you a better coupon than two or three, but if you have $ off two coupons, then buy 4 for the $3 back (they’re 2/$5 this week). Just FYI.

  2. I wonder if the 0.99 cards work for this promo? Any idea?

  3. They are excluded this time. Boo. 😦

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