Puffs MM – Weis

** Update (11/1):  Looks like this deal is NOW DEAD!  Reported from other shoppers — Weis corporate has cancelled this deal b/c it was a mistake.  Apparently, they were going to let it stand, but some people cleaned out the shelves and demand was too high.  Remember to be a careful shopper & considerate of others trying to get the deals, too!  If a few extremists overdo it, we’re likely to see deals decrease, hurting us ALL in the long run.  Am back to being glad I got my Kleenex at CVS (and that I took the time to go to different stores so I wouldn’t be clearing the shelves)!  🙂

**Update (10/31):  The 10/16 and 10/30 P&G had coupons for $1/6 boxes.  So… It’s not a MM, but you can get 6 boxes for the price of $5 (with coupon) and then get $5 OYNO.  Six free boxes sounds good to me!  🙂

Well, I wish I hadn’t stocked up on tissues last week.  At 0.42 / box, I thought that was pretty cheap!

However, this week (10/30) at Weis, you can pick them up for free (possibly even a MM!). 

Puffs, at $1 each, are part of the promo: WYB 5, get $5 OYNO.  If you have a coupon (try the 10/16 P&G), it will be a moneymaker for you!  Maybe I’ll get some more anyway to donate.

(P.S.  Just have to vent… found out that my toilet paper deal would have been sweeter if I’d purchased the purple Cottonelle packages — I would have also received a $4 OYNO Catalina — grr!)


Kleenex Tissues @ CVS

Stocking up for the winter -- TP (@Weis) & Tissues (@CVS)! Forgot to picture the wipes & Cheez-its I bought to complete these deals.

This week, 110 count Kleenex are part of the CVS gift card deal.  Here’s my scenario:

Buy (30) boxes of Kleenex @ $1 each
Pay $30
Get $10 gift card (again, think AMEX or CVS and this deal is sweet!)
Net total: $20 for 30 of Kleenex (not the huge boxes, but more than the small square boxes)

To sweeten this deal, I used (7) $1 off 4 boxes of Kleenex.  (Plus I only bought 28 boxes and then bought two boxes of Cheezits @ $1.99 each and used a $1/2 coupon).  Again, I went to two stores so I wouldn’t clean out the shelves!

See the Cottonelle TP deal here.

Toilet Paper for .40 a roll – NO COUPONS! – @ Weis

Stocking up for the winter -- TP (@Weis) & Tissues (@CVS)! Forgot to picture the wipes & Cheezits I used to complete both of these deals.

My favorite TP is Cottonelle.  My stock-up price is $0.30 a roll, but I used to think anything under $0.50 was a good deal — so this one might be worth checking out — even if you don’t have coupons!   With a Weis Deal this week & coupons, I stocked up for the next few months.  Pick the deal below that suits your needs:

You know your store counts shelf prices on items for Buy $X, get $X on your next order (OYNO) coupon:

Buy (3) 12-pk Cottonelle TP on sale for $6.49 ea (shelf price varies, but should be more than $7ea).
Pay $19.47 (shelf price higher than $21).

Get $7 OYNO coupon for spending $21.
Net total: 12.47 or$0.346/roll

Your store counts the sale price toward OYNO catalinas (or you’re not willing to risk a hassle — which is where I was!):

Buy (3) 12-pk Cottonelle TP on sale for $6.49 ea
Buy (1) Huggies 72 ct wipe – $1.99
Total: 21.46
Get $7 OYNO coupon for spending $21.
Net total: 14.46 or $0.401/roll + “FREE” WIPES

Use various coupons to sweeten the deal.  I had $1.00 Cottonelle coupons & a $0.75/1 wipes coupon too!  I actually did the deal 3 times (at two stores, so I didn’t clean anyone out!) and rolled the catalina.  Since I don’t usually shop at Weis, I used the $7 at the end to buy a few staples — 18 count eggs for $1.99??  Perfect for all the eggs we eat!  🙂

See the Kleenex tissue deal here.

Cheap Diapers at CVS

If you’re in need of diapers, especially if you like Pampers, the basic deal is buy 7 packs of Pampers ($8.99 each, the 7th will be free if you have 2-3 days between transactions) and get 2-$10 gift cards for spending $30 (x2) on select items.  You’ll have to do two visits b/c the free coupon takes a few days to print.  Even without coupons, this is a pretty good deal!
The gift card choices might vary by region/store, but my ad shows a CVS gift card (better than ECB b/c it can be broken down into smaller amount and doesn’t expire!!), an American Express (yeah– use it anywhere like to buy groceries) or a few stores/restaurants (great for Christmas presents!).

Here’s the breakdown:

Transaction 1:
Buy 6 packs of diapers @8.99 each: $53.94
buy before Thursday (I’m not exactly sure how long it takes for the free diapers to print — be on the safe side and buy them today or Wednesday!)
Use (3) $1.50/2 coupons from the 10/2 P&G
Pay $49.44
Get $10 gift card

Wait a few days and do transaction 2:
1 pack of diapers
FREE! (this coupon prints at the coupon machine — print it before you get to the register)
Get $10 gift card

Total OOP: $49.44, get (2) $10 gift cards = Net: $29.44 for 7 jumbo packs of Pampers ($4.20 a pack or, if I remember packaging sizes, I think this boils down to $0.08 for a size 1 to $0.13/size 4)

A few other notes:

  • I have not tried this yet, but I’m assuming (based on past purchases) that the 7th pack, even though free, will still trigger the second gift card b/c you purchased the item and the free coupon is a CVS coupon that will come off later.  Proceed at your own risk!  (I plan to go to the store today…)
  • Check out the ad for other things you might want to combine with this deal — you can earn up to 5 gift cards a week!  I already have 1 free coupon, so I’m actually going to do a modified version this deal, buying WISK detergents as well.
  • If you wanted less OOP, buy 4 first to trigger the first gift card ($35.96 – $3.00 in coupons = $32.96, get $10 gift card)  Buy 2 more and use the first gift card ($17.98 – $1.50 in coupon – $10 gift card = $6.48).  Wait a few days, “buy” free one, get $10 gift card.  The net is the same, but you’ll have only put out $39.44 and have only (1) $10 gift card left.

Worth buying more papers

I bought extra papers today and I can’t recall ever doing that.  I figured I could make about $20 at Rite Aid, so that’s why I did it.  Here’s how you can do it too:

Transaction 1:

At Rite Aid, Cover Girl are products are BOGO 50% off and if you spend $30, you get $10 +UP.  So…

I bought 8 items (4 @ $5.99, 2 @ $3.39, and 2 $5.19) to total over a little over $32.00  (I assumed the lowest 4 would be 1/2 off, but it actually matched the prices and gave me 1/2 off of 2 of the $5.99, 1 @ 3.39 and 1 @5.19 and in reality, I paid only $30.82, but it still allowed me to use the $32 in coupons… this was not my intention and may not work for you.)

I used 4 of the $8/2 coupons from today’s paper and paid a few pennies (I bought other things and used other +UP which is why I guess it allowed the overage).  I then got $10. +UP.  (Keep this receipt and try to spend $20 more this month and submit for $10 gift card when you buy $50 worth of select items — separate transactions okay — through P&G Think Pink campaign).

Transaction 2:

Buy Prevacid 24 hr, 28 caplets @ 21.99.
Use Rite Aid October Video Value$4. coupon for Prevacid.
Use Printable $4 coupon for Prevacid (at their website).
Use $10 +UP from first transaction.
Pay $3.99 in cash.
Get $10 +UP (for spending $20 on select Maalox items).
Submit receipt to Prevacid using their rebate form on their website to get $17.99 back (price of the product minus the $4.00 printable coupon).

Now… you can stop there, having made back your money+ with the rebate (including the extra price of the newspapers) or you can keep going…

Transaction 3:

Buy Crest toothpaste or toothbrush with the Single Check Rebate (on the back of the ad) – $2.59
Use $1.00 coupon in 10/2 P&G
Buy Oral B powered toothbrush (page 8 of the ad) with the Single check rebate – $5.99
Use $3.00 coupon in the 10/2 P&G
Buy Pert – $3
Use the $1.00 coupon in the Smart Source
Buy other things to get to add $3.42 to your total (suggestions include No-nonsense nylons ($2.99; use $1 VV coupon & receive $2 +UP) OR Gillette Body Wash/Deodorant (2 for $8; sse (2) $2 coupons from P&G and get $2 +UP on 2) OR Scope mouthwash ($4 -use $1.50 coupon in P&G and get $2.50 +UP)…

Pay close to nothing..

PLUS get extra +UP …
PLUS get $1.60 SCR on Crest
PLUS get $3 SCR on Oral-B toothbrush

Total OOP should be about less than $5, depending on what you buy (plus the cost of your extra newspapers — I bought mine at the Dollar Tree for $1)
Leave with several +UP
Get $22.59 in cash from 2 SCR and Prevacid rebates
Plus I plan on spending the extra $20 to mail in the P&G rebate by the end of the month and get $10 rebate back.. hopefully using more coupons, of course!

Check out Hip2Save’s Rite Aid post for the links and the details to these ads and rebates.
**Please Note:  I have not mailed in my Prevacid Rebate, so I can only hope that I will get it… but I have followed all of the instructions! 
*Please ALSO Note:  You will want to do the Cover Girl and Prevacid deals on separate transactions if you plan on mailing in the rebate as you need the original receipt for both.