Worth buying more papers

I bought extra papers today and I can’t recall ever doing that.  I figured I could make about $20 at Rite Aid, so that’s why I did it.  Here’s how you can do it too:

Transaction 1:

At Rite Aid, Cover Girl are products are BOGO 50% off and if you spend $30, you get $10 +UP.  So…

I bought 8 items (4 @ $5.99, 2 @ $3.39, and 2 $5.19) to total over a little over $32.00  (I assumed the lowest 4 would be 1/2 off, but it actually matched the prices and gave me 1/2 off of 2 of the $5.99, 1 @ 3.39 and 1 @5.19 and in reality, I paid only $30.82, but it still allowed me to use the $32 in coupons… this was not my intention and may not work for you.)

I used 4 of the $8/2 coupons from today’s paper and paid a few pennies (I bought other things and used other +UP which is why I guess it allowed the overage).  I then got $10. +UP.  (Keep this receipt and try to spend $20 more this month and submit for $10 gift card when you buy $50 worth of select items — separate transactions okay — through P&G Think Pink campaign).

Transaction 2:

Buy Prevacid 24 hr, 28 caplets @ 21.99.
Use Rite Aid October Video Value$4. coupon for Prevacid.
Use Printable $4 coupon for Prevacid (at their website).
Use $10 +UP from first transaction.
Pay $3.99 in cash.
Get $10 +UP (for spending $20 on select Maalox items).
Submit receipt to Prevacid using their rebate form on their website to get $17.99 back (price of the product minus the $4.00 printable coupon).

Now… you can stop there, having made back your money+ with the rebate (including the extra price of the newspapers) or you can keep going…

Transaction 3:

Buy Crest toothpaste or toothbrush with the Single Check Rebate (on the back of the ad) – $2.59
Use $1.00 coupon in 10/2 P&G
Buy Oral B powered toothbrush (page 8 of the ad) with the Single check rebate – $5.99
Use $3.00 coupon in the 10/2 P&G
Buy Pert – $3
Use the $1.00 coupon in the Smart Source
Buy other things to get to add $3.42 to your total (suggestions include No-nonsense nylons ($2.99; use $1 VV coupon & receive $2 +UP) OR Gillette Body Wash/Deodorant (2 for $8; sse (2) $2 coupons from P&G and get $2 +UP on 2) OR Scope mouthwash ($4 -use $1.50 coupon in P&G and get $2.50 +UP)…

Pay close to nothing..

PLUS get extra +UP …
PLUS get $1.60 SCR on Crest
PLUS get $3 SCR on Oral-B toothbrush

Total OOP should be about less than $5, depending on what you buy (plus the cost of your extra newspapers — I bought mine at the Dollar Tree for $1)
Leave with several +UP
Get $22.59 in cash from 2 SCR and Prevacid rebates
Plus I plan on spending the extra $20 to mail in the P&G rebate by the end of the month and get $10 rebate back.. hopefully using more coupons, of course!

Check out Hip2Save’s Rite Aid post for the links and the details to these ads and rebates.
**Please Note:  I have not mailed in my Prevacid Rebate, so I can only hope that I will get it… but I have followed all of the instructions! 
*Please ALSO Note:  You will want to do the Cover Girl and Prevacid deals on separate transactions if you plan on mailing in the rebate as you need the original receipt for both.


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