Puffs MM – Weis

** Update (11/1):  Looks like this deal is NOW DEAD!  Reported from other shoppers — Weis corporate has cancelled this deal b/c it was a mistake.  Apparently, they were going to let it stand, but some people cleaned out the shelves and demand was too high.  Remember to be a careful shopper & considerate of others trying to get the deals, too!  If a few extremists overdo it, we’re likely to see deals decrease, hurting us ALL in the long run.  Am back to being glad I got my Kleenex at CVS (and that I took the time to go to different stores so I wouldn’t be clearing the shelves)!  🙂

**Update (10/31):  The 10/16 and 10/30 P&G had coupons for $1/6 boxes.  So… It’s not a MM, but you can get 6 boxes for the price of $5 (with coupon) and then get $5 OYNO.  Six free boxes sounds good to me!  🙂

Well, I wish I hadn’t stocked up on tissues last week.  At 0.42 / box, I thought that was pretty cheap!

However, this week (10/30) at Weis, you can pick them up for free (possibly even a MM!). 

Puffs, at $1 each, are part of the promo: WYB 5, get $5 OYNO.  If you have a coupon (try the 10/16 P&G), it will be a moneymaker for you!  Maybe I’ll get some more anyway to donate.

(P.S.  Just have to vent… found out that my toilet paper deal would have been sweeter if I’d purchased the purple Cottonelle packages — I would have also received a $4 OYNO Catalina — grr!)


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  1. I want to do this deal but I’m afraid I’m going to find bare shelves. Thinking about calling in an order to save myself the trouble.

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