A new way to be couponing

My husband has lost about 40 lbs. after cutting out most processed foods, artificial sweeteners, most gluten products, etc. out of his diet. We went through our stockpile and purged anything with artificial sweetener or high fructose corn syrup and gave it away to a local food bank.

You can probably guess that the number of coupons I use each week has shrunk dramatically.

In addition, we are taking (what some might call semi-drastic) measures to be more green at home, and to rid our house of chemicals and toxins associated with cleaning products. I’ve written about that on our family blog here and here. I’ve learned to sew recently and have made cloth paper towels, tissues, and reusable shopping bags.

So imagine how my couponing has changed now that paper products, cleaning products, and lots of processed foods are off my list. We also cloth diaper and use cloth wipes at home, so our baby-relates expenses are relatively minor.

However, I am still couponing; albeit much more strategically. I barter, borrow, and buy specific coupons when I see a sale and coupon match for a product we do use, even if occasionally. I also buy things that we won’t use but that we can donate when they are free or very cheap. Here is a good example of how I have been couponing from this week at CVS:

CVS had a deal where you could earn $10 ECB if you spent $30 on select products, including pamper’s wipes. We don’t use many disposable wipes, but we do use them in the diaper bag and occasionally at home. And we were almost out. So, I spent $1.50 for 10 pampers wipes coupons ($.50/1) on ebay. Here was my tentative plan:

Buy 10 packs of Pampers Sensitive 64 ct. wipe tubs @ $3 each = $30
Use 10 $.50/1 coupons = -$5
Get $10 ECB = -$10
My total would have been $15 for 640 wipes or 2.3 cents a wipe. Any wipe around 2 cents/piece is considered a Stockupportunity according to BabyCheapskate.com.

The deal got better when Kathy posted a living social deal to facebook where I could buy a $20 giftcard to CVS for $10, and when I realized I was due for an ECB for using my green bag tag. The wipes, with those two considerations, were well under my stock up price.


Cheap Diapers at CVS

If you’re in need of diapers, especially if you like Pampers, the basic deal is buy 7 packs of Pampers ($8.99 each, the 7th will be free if you have 2-3 days between transactions) and get 2-$10 gift cards for spending $30 (x2) on select items.  You’ll have to do two visits b/c the free coupon takes a few days to print.  Even without coupons, this is a pretty good deal!
The gift card choices might vary by region/store, but my ad shows a CVS gift card (better than ECB b/c it can be broken down into smaller amount and doesn’t expire!!), an American Express (yeah– use it anywhere like to buy groceries) or a few stores/restaurants (great for Christmas presents!).

Here’s the breakdown:

Transaction 1:
Buy 6 packs of diapers @8.99 each: $53.94
buy before Thursday (I’m not exactly sure how long it takes for the free diapers to print — be on the safe side and buy them today or Wednesday!)
Use (3) $1.50/2 coupons from the 10/2 P&G
Pay $49.44
Get $10 gift card

Wait a few days and do transaction 2:
1 pack of diapers
FREE! (this coupon prints at the coupon machine — print it before you get to the register)
Get $10 gift card

Total OOP: $49.44, get (2) $10 gift cards = Net: $29.44 for 7 jumbo packs of Pampers ($4.20 a pack or, if I remember packaging sizes, I think this boils down to $0.08 for a size 1 to $0.13/size 4)

A few other notes:

  • I have not tried this yet, but I’m assuming (based on past purchases) that the 7th pack, even though free, will still trigger the second gift card b/c you purchased the item and the free coupon is a CVS coupon that will come off later.  Proceed at your own risk!  (I plan to go to the store today…)
  • Check out the ad for other things you might want to combine with this deal — you can earn up to 5 gift cards a week!  I already have 1 free coupon, so I’m actually going to do a modified version this deal, buying WISK detergents as well.
  • If you wanted less OOP, buy 4 first to trigger the first gift card ($35.96 – $3.00 in coupons = $32.96, get $10 gift card)  Buy 2 more and use the first gift card ($17.98 – $1.50 in coupon – $10 gift card = $6.48).  Wait a few days, “buy” free one, get $10 gift card.  The net is the same, but you’ll have only put out $39.44 and have only (1) $10 gift card left.

Today’s finds

Hi all,

I wrote these deals I found today in an email to a more famous *ahem* blogger and thought I’d post them with pics here.

1) I found a mail-in-rebate for P&G (including Pampers) in the aisle at Weis (see attached picture). No mention that it needs to be purchased at Weis. It seems like this would make the Giant Pampers deal this week even better.

2) I found Huggies wipes with shea butter (64 ct) on clearance for $.87 each at CVS after a tip that they were on clearance but unmarked from a Hip2Save reader. I used the .50/1 coupons from the 8/14 SS and got 4 packs for $1.48 after using 4 coupons.

3) The Pampers Splashers are in the 90% CVS summer clearance. I got 2 boxes which each rang up at $1.24 then used the $1.50/2 from the latest PG insert and got two boxes for $.98 ($.49 for one pack of 24 diapers).

4) I found Waverly plates at Weis on the paper plates shelf but with no tag. I had the cashier scan them and they rang up at $1.49 – really cheap with the recent $.75/1 coupons.com coupon and free depending on how your store doubles.

5) Edy’s ice cream at Weis is CHEAP even without coupons. Ours our shelf priced at $6.99 (but Weis prices and ads vary greatly depending on your location). If your shelf price is $6.99, you only need to buy two at the $3.33 price to get you over the $12 and to get the $4 OYNO coupon. I used a $1/2 coupon I had from the 6/12 SS. So $6.66 for two, -1 MFR = 5.66 for two, get $4 OYNO = 1.66 for two with coupon or 2.66 for 2 without coupon if your self price is like mine.

I attached a pic of my receipt for the ice cream deal with the $4 OYNO that printed. Important: works once in transactions. I did the deal twice with two separate transactions.

Did you ever leave the store smiling so hard your face hurt?

Cheap Diapers this week at Rite Aid

Hi all,

There is a great diaper deal this week going on at Rite Aid.

Jumbo packs of Huggies are on sale for $8.97, and Little Swimmers are on sale for $6.97. Plus, when you buy $30 worth of selected Kimberly Clark products (including the Huggies), you get $10 UP rewards.

I bought 3 jumbo packs of size 3 and a pack of little swimmers = $33.88

I used 2 $1 off your purchase coupons and a $1/1 huggies RA coupon, all found at Rite Aid Ad Perk’s site as well as a $3 off $15 survey coupon. (Rite Aid coupon total =$6)

I also used 4 of the $3/1 Huggies coupons available here. (Manufacturer coupon total = $12)

So I paid $15.88 out of pocket and then got $10 UP rewards…

$5.88 for 108 size 3 diapers + a pack of little swimmers is quite a good deal. And yes, we are still using cloth diapers. We do use the occasional disposable, but I like to give these as baby shower presents!


Potentially cheap diapers at KMart

KMart is doubling manufacturer coupons up to $2 this week and running a special promotion: Get a $10 coupon wyb $35 of Procter & Gamble brands.

Here is a scenario I worked out in my head today:

Buy 2 Pampers big pack baby dry diapers @ $18.99 = $37.98
Use 2 $2 off Pampers from PG 2/27 = -$4
KMart should double the $2 off coupons = -$4
Subtotal = $29.98
Get $10 OYNO
Total oop = $19.98.

Based on the box count, the price per diaper is:

Size 1 – 9 cents
Size 2 – 10 cents
Size 3 – 10 cents
Size 4 – 12 cents
Size 5 – 14 cents

The only thing that I’m not completely sure of is whether KMart’s doubling policy is up to $2 (meaning any coupon 1.99 or lower) or if they also double $2. Last I heard they doubled the $2 coupon.

Also – in order for the doubling coupons to take effect, you have to buy $25 in grocery or drugstore purchases, but I believe the diapers should count as a drugstore purchase.