Old Navy – 20% Cash Back Today!

I just bought 11 items at Old Navy.com for $43.91 shipped thanks to Ebates’ Daily Double, which is offering 20% cash back at OldNavy.com today. If you don’t have an Ebates account, you can get one by following the Ebates link on the right side of the page. There may be a coupon code that offers an additional percentage off, but I couldn’t find one when I looked this morning. I decided not to wait to place my order because things were disappearing out of my cart in the 30 minutes it took me to shop and check out.

The baby’s 12 and 18 month wardrobes are starting to fill out. 🙂 I also get excited when I find clothing that will work for boys and girls — one way to be a thrifty mom is to not always deck your kid out in all pink or blue so that you don’t have to buy all new clothing if your next bundle of joy is the opposite sex.



Cheap Baby Wipes

According to BabyCheapskate.com, the stock up price for baby wipes is 2 cents per wipe. Based on that figure, today’s Target Daily Deal is a decent one: 616 wipes for $12.99 (free shipping). Use your Ebates account and get 3% cash back which makes the deal even better. If you haven’t signed up for ebates, you can do it here.


Kohl’s Sweater Clearance

UPDATE: Use the code Twenty4u to get 20% off (instead of HoHoHo15 for 15%).

Thanks to For the Mommas‘ post about clearance sweaters, I just bought 3 mens sweaters for $10.03. Here’s how:

1) Use code HOHOHO15 to get an extra 15% off
2) Use Ebates to get 4% cashback (that’s what makes my total oop $10.03 rather than the $10.45 shown)

Kohl’s has 99 cent shipping on each item.

Cheap Photo Gifts Today

If you are still in need of a few last minute Christmas items, consider photo gifts from See Here. After all, they’re 60% off today with the code thankyou at checkout. Plus, you can get another 12% back through Ebates. Plus, most items ship for free with standard shipping.

For example, this photo puzzle would be $4.57 after coupon code + ebates.

More reasons to join Ebates

Did you know that Ebates has a long (LONG) list of coupons you can use when buying online? You can use these coupons in addition to the cash back offers you would normally get through visiting an online store through the Ebates website. To access the coupons, create an Ebates account and then choose the “coupons” tab at the top of the page.

Also, did you know Ebates has a “daily double?” The daily double offers double cash back to a specific site. Today’s dd is on JCrew.com.

Here are some of my favorite sites to visit through Ebates:

  • eBay (3%-7% cash back)
  • entertainment.com (35% cash back)
  • Dick Blick Art Materials (8% cash back)
  • eBags (16% cash back)
  • Groupon (6% cash back)
  • Half.com (10% cash back)
  • iTunes (5% cash back)
  • Restaurant.com (30% cash back)
  • Target (3% cash back)

My parents recently paid about 60% of the retail price of a new car battery due to a coupon and the 11% cash back from Advance Auto Parts website. Also worth checking out!

Ebates + Entertainment.com = El Cheapo Christmas Gift and MORE COUPONS!

Perhaps one of the best deals I’ve gotten (thanks to Ebates) is my recent purchase of two Entertainment books.

Entertainment books are coupon books for specific geographic regions. I decided to purchase a book this year when I realized the books were on sale for $25. After I purchased the first book, the Entertainment site asked if I wanted an additional book for $15. Yes I did, especially when I realized I could buy one for another region! Great Christmas gift. Here was my transaction:

1st Entertainment book  $25
2nd Entertainment book  $15
= $40 out of pocket

However, after my 35% Ebates cash back, I only paid $26 for two books!

Ebates Excitement

If you aren’t using Ebates yet, now might be the time to start. When you join, you get $5 free! Ebates works like this:

  1. Use the link above to sign up for an account.
  2. When you are ready to do online shopping, visit Ebates to find the store where you would like to shop. They have hundreds of online stores. They also provide online coupon codes, which is a bonus. In order to earn Ebates, you must go through the Ebates site to get to the other site.
  3. When you complete a purchase at an Ebates affiliated site, you should get an email from Ebates within a day notifying you that you’ve earned cash back.
  4. Four times a year you will receive your Ebates check. You can have it mailed to your house, deposited in your paypal account, or donate your check to a charity.

Here is an example where I bought a whole bunch of art supplies to donate to a local children’s home, and made money on the art supplies thanks to Ebates!

I joined Ebates in October and so far this year I’ve made about $45.00.