In need of diapers? Check out CVS this week (11/27/11)…

If you need Pampers, the gift card and the CVS buy 6, get a 7th free is a good combo for this week.
-Buy 6 diapers @ 2/$19 = $57
-Use (3) $2/2 coupons from 10/30 P&G (EXPIRE 11/30!!)
OR use(3) $1/2 from the 11/27 P&G (or mix & match!) 🙂
-OOP = $51 (with $2 c’s or $54 with $1 c’s)

-Come back approx. 2 days later for FREE diaper coupon to print at machine — remember this total does not calculate instantly and needs to “run through the system”

-Gift card total = $66.50 so you’ll get (2) $10 gift cards
I personally like the gift cards better than ECB — they never expire, they can be spent in increments and if you get the American Express cards, can be used at any number of places!

-Net total $31 for 7 packs of diapers

For comparison’s sake, size 4′s are 31 count, so $0.14/diaper. My buy price for 3’s/4’s is anything under $0.15/diaper, so I consider this deal worth it!



Leslie’s previous post (read here), has encouraged me to finally squeeze some time to post as well.  The other day I checked to see if Leslie had posted something and realized it was since July 7 that either of us had posted.  I may have had a slight excuse for a few weeks as our baby was born on July 5.

But really, the reasons Leslie hasn’t posted are the same for me.  I don’t have too much time (can you imagine why?  — 4 kids aged 4 and under!), I can’t say that the deals I’ve found lately are spectacular, and many are often dependent on my combination of coupons.

So… with that said, hopefully the previous posts have given you ideas about how to make your own deals.   Right now, I plan to cut back on deal hunting to spend time doing some other things.

Free or cheap at Save-A-Lot

Yesterday in the mail I received a new Save-A-Lot circular and noticed a few good deals:

6 oz. Butterball Turkey Bacon – $1
Use $1/2 or $.65/1 Butterball products from 5/22 SS (coupons vary by region)

10.1 to 10.42 oz. Tony’s Crisp Crust Pizza in Pepperoni or Supreme – $1
Use $.50/1 or $.50/3 from 5/15 SS

18 oz. bottle of KC Masterpiece BBQ Sauce – $1
Use $1/1 from 5/15 SS to get this for free!


I know that I shouldn’t complain when I am already getting great deals, but it’s such a bummer to me when I realize I could have gotten a better deal.  Venting to my husband doesn’t do much, so all of you get to “hear” me vent… and you’ve probably been in similar situations.

I didn’t have any kids this morning, so I stopped at CVS simply to scan my card at the coupon machine and see if I could get a free something or other to get my green bag tag scanned.  Well, I got another Crystal light coupon, so I bought two more To Go packets.  I saw that the cashier didn’t scan my green tag, though he picked it up.  And all too soon, my transaction was over, because I owed nothing so he never asked me for payment.  I really wanted that bag tag scanned and didn’t get it… but why can’t I be happy that I got 2 more free packets??

Then, I went to Giant and had my deal all set up but they didn’t have an item.  I rearranged my thinking and got 2 creamers, 1 gal tea, 1 pkg of plates, 3 ham steaks, and 1 bottle of ketchup for $6.  Remember my store is having grand opening specials, so I got the tea, plates, and ketchup for free with coupons.  However, I used (2) $1 manufacturer’s coupons on the creamers.  When I got home and sat down to read the paper, I saw Giant ad (which I had previously looked at online) and remembered I wanted to use the $1 doubler coupons — I could have saved another $2!!!

Well, now that I vented, hopefully I’ll move on with the rest of my afternoon and not be grumpy!

Renpure Try Me Free deal

If you’re like me and you tried a “Try-Me-Free” Renpure deal using ECB or +UP, know that they’ve added those store credits as part of the “any other offer” prohibition on their label.  Read more here.

I only did the deal once (I think it was at CVS on Black Friday) and did get my check.   However, a friend did the deal several times in January and hadn’t received her check.  We emailed the company (we b/c she doesn’t have the internet) and they responded favorably and she received her checks.  I was surprised that there is no limit on how many times you can do a TMF (I believe this is still the policy, but I’m not sure).

For a while, I was following a Facebook fan page, but the protesting comments were deleted, and then the entire page.  So… if you missed this info and are looking for a rebate, KINDLY email info @ renpure (dot) com.  They should be able to assist you.

Please read all the fine print when doing rebates!

McDonald’s Deal?

If you’re crazy about chicken nuggets from McDonald’s (like my brother and me) than you probably already know about the current promotion.  It’s 50 nuggets for $9.99.  However, if you really actually need 50 nuggets, for a savings of $0.04 (every penny counts, eh?), order (5) 10 nuggets at $1.99.  This brings your cost to $9.95.  What a deal!  (Is there a tongue-in-cheek smiley?)  🙂

No Shame

Maybe you remember Leslie’s post about something she thought she’d never do.  If you don’t remember, read it here.  Well, I just got back inside from digging through my own trash.  Here’s the story…

I love hot chocolate like some people love coffee.  I’m almost out of the mix, which I buy in the canister and not the packets.  Last week, I was fortunate enough to score (2) $2 coupons for Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa (no longer available… coupons available for this now are from All You).  They expire tomorrow, which was not enough time to find a sale.  However, $2 off is a decent amount, so I plan on using it (even if it snows!).

I went to grab the coupons this morning and they weren’t on the counter.  UGG!  I’ve lost a credit card (well, I found out a daughter wanted to play with it and took it; it was later found) and a check (which I think said daughter also confessed to taking; after digging through the trash, I have yet to find that one) in the last week.  How could I also lose $4 in coupons?

I asked myself, if it was $4 cash, would I dig?  The answer: YES!  I cleaned off my counter last night, so I was hoping they weren’t too far.  Thankfully, they were close to the top and I didn’t have to get messy to find them.  (More confessions: I have thrown out a rebate check by mistake, dug through the trash, and had to let the raw egg yolk dry before taking it to the bank.  I worked at a bank… we know money and checks are never clean!)

Ahh.. my coupon world is right again.  Hopefully I get to enjoy hot chocolate on a snowy morning tomorrow!