Other Misc. Deals – Walmart

I don’t remember if I posted some of these before, but they’re worth the reminders even if I did.  These deals are good at Walmart and since they’re not sales, they work anytime!

Nivea Body Wash – $3.00
Use $3/1 newspaper coupon to make these free!

Tide or Purex travel size cleaners – $0.97 each
Use various $1/1 coupons from newspapers, P&G Savings, etc.  Some expire 4/30, so use them this week!
Make sure your coupon doesn’t have a size limit and you’ll be fine to use them (notice these are TRAVEL sizes, not trial size — they are located in the travel section where all the smaller travel things are). I did have one cashier reject the Tide, but she shouldn’t have and I had no problems with the next cashier.

Similac Formula
There is a liquid version that is $3.84 — I don’t remember the exact kind anymore.  However, using the $5/1 or the $3/1 any Similac coupon will give you free or cheap formula.  If you can’t use the formula, give the coupon to someone who can, or buy the formula and donate it and you’ll get to use the overage!

Olay Body Soap – 2 pk – $2.48
Use the $2/1 Olay coupon to score cheap bar soap (My go-to price for bar soap is less than $0.33 a bar)

Walmart’s new coupon policy states that they will give you cash for overage, so some of these coupons might beep to signal the overage, but you shouldn’t have a problem.  I buy other things so that I don’t have a cash overage.  I have seen it reported that it’s still up to the store manager even though there is a corporate policy.  Don’t be afraid to ask for a higher up, but cut your losses when you are becoming frustrated!