Coupon FAQ
(Answers to these questions below)

  1. Where do you get your coupons?
  2. Is there a coupon for…

1. Where do you get your coupons?

Leslie’s Answer:

1) Sunday papers (I recently found out that our town and our neighboring town offer slightly different coupons in their Sunday papers. So, now I buy one of each paper). Some weeks I buy more than one if the coupons are worth it to me.

2) I also print online coupons from the following sources: Bricks Clients

3) I subscribe to All You. All You is a magazine they sell at WalMart. I subscribed during a special promotion at Amazon because it was cheaper than newstand price and because I am not a fan of WalMart (and thus don’t go there too often).

4) CVS, Rite Aid, and my local grocery stores all publish their own coupons.

  • You can get CVS coupons by scanning your CVS card at the red kiosk when you visit, or by buying their monthly Reinventing Beauty magazine for $0.99.
  • You can get Rite Aid coupons by participating in AdPerks, in which you earn credits (and coupons) by watching short commercials for the product. This is a one-handed activity I can do (with the volume muted) while feeding the baby. In addition, Rite Aid often includes coupons in their weekly circulars. If a Rite Aid weekly circular doesn’t come to your house in the mail or with the newspaper, the Rite Aid circulars at the main entrance to the store include the coupons.
  • My local grocery store publishes coupons in their weekly circular and also prints catalina coupons at the register.

Kathy’s answer:

I ditto Leslie’s answers, but here are some extra thoughts.

  1. I suggest asking your newspaper for the best deal they have.  By specifically asking for the deal, I was able to get the weekend papers delivered to my house for $1.00 a week.  Definitely worth it in coupon savings.  Plus I like reading the news!
  2. Look at the manufacturer’s website or search for a coupon before buying something.  I recently wanted to purchase some Desitin.  A simple search brought me to their website and I was able to print off $1/0ff coupons!
  3. Special promos are often available on social networking sites as well.  I’m selective in what I “like” on Facebook, but sometimes you can get coupons without actually liking the company.
  4. There are limits to the number of prints for online coupons, but often they are limited to 2 prints.  If you want both coupons, make sure you refresh your browser, push the “back” button, or re-do the deal.  If the limit is 1, the site won’t allow you to print more than that.
  5. Consider a “coupon box” somewhere within your circle of friends.  I just started one with a friend at church.  People toss their flyers into a shoe-box sized container and then anyone else can come rummage through them.  We try to keep it neat and we have a “unclipped” and a “clipped” box.  This is how I can get multiple coupons without buying multiple papers.   My personal coupon organizer is categorized by the way I think, but for a public box, we decided it would be easier to sort by expiration date for 3 reasons.  1)  We all have different ideas as to whether Fiber 1 bars are a snack, a breakfast food, or a pantry item… or whether toilet paper is household or personal care or a bathroom item.  No one has to worry about filing it in the “wrong spot.”  2)  I’m often on the hunt for a duplicate coupon.  Since I already have one, I know what the expiration date is and which month to look for it.  And 3)  It makes it that much easier to clean out — at the end of the month, throw away that month’s coupons!

2. Is there a coupon for…

Have you ever needed to buy something and wondered if there was a coupon for that item somewhere? Coupon database to the rescue! Many of the coupon/savings/deals blog include a coupon database where you can look up coupons by item name and other characteristics. The coupon database I use most frequently is here, but they all seem to be the same.


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  1. Thanks ladies!

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